Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Wedding Theme

Planning a winter wedding can be fun. You can bring in various themes such as "Winter Wonderland", "Snowflake theme", or a traditional "Christmas theme". Like any them you don't want to overdo your theme, carefully selecting certain elements will bring your theme do life without overkill. Think about bringing in the theme through favors, centerpieces, and colors.

Winter wonderland and Snowflake Themes

If you happen to live in a snowy area, taking advantage of your surroundings and choosing a great location can bring the ultimate wonderland experience to your guests. If you don't then create the perfect winter wonderland space. Think about using white colored branches, snow covered branches, white Christmas lights,snowflakes, etc. You can plant the branches to create clusters of branches to make a big impact without killing your decoration budget. Bringing in a lighting specialist and set up blue lights against white walls or curtains. Or have them create snowflake effects to shine on walls or floors. Keep in mind that lighting specialist can be costly so do your homework and choose your options wisely. Instead of lighting the whole room you my opt to highlight a certain area. Talk to your lighting specialist they will help you to create a beautiful event within your budget. Always remember less is more so don't go overboard. Blue has grown to be the popular color for a winter wonderland wedding, the color blue is often associated with the cold. You can choose a baby blue or go for a deeper sapphire blue like the one found in Hanukkah decorations. Accents of silver and white are great for this theme.

Think of an ice sculpture or martini luge for your cocktail hour. You can also create a specialty cocktail using blue liqueurs available, talk to your catering hall or mixologist.

As with any event your invitations set the mood for your guest.

Chill Out "> Midnight Blue

Favors can help in creating the wonderland experience as well.

Snowflake Bookmarks

Wine Bottle topper.

AttireIf you were thinking of a full gown, this might be a great theme to wear it in. It brings fantasy images of a princess in a snow covered kingdom. A furry stole can be great to keep you warm. For your bridesmaids you can choose blue dresses with silver accents and accesories.


Wedding Cakes often become focal points at a wedding, bring in your theme their also.

winter cake

winter wonderland cake

Be Inspired by a winter wonderland theme


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