Monday, May 30, 2011

Bridal giveaway 2011

Happy Memorial Day to all of you.

Inspired! will be hosting a bridal giveaway beginning this weekend. For this giveaway you could win a $100 gift certificate to Ann’s Bridal Bargains.

Ann's Bridal Bargains has a host of great items to meet your wedding needs. Items like personalized napkins, invitations, wedding albums, save the dates and more.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Royal Wedding Influence for your wedding

With the royal wedding behind us there is no doubt that their are influences that will be used in weddings for years to come.

Here are a few things that I could see a couple incorporating into their wedding:

Charitable wedding gift

Prince William and Kate Middleton set up a charitable fund where guest could donate to in honor of their wedding celebration. Well come to think of it I love this. They have made it so simple to give the gift to well a couple that has it all. Although I was unable to attend, due to a previous engagement ; ), what could I have given the royal couple as a wedding gift? Would anything be adequate for the royals?

For you it simply might be that you both have everything that you need so why not use this wonderful occasion to get a gift that keeps on giving. Decide on a charity that is significant to you both and then set up a link on your wedding page or include information in your invitations.

Here are some websites that can get you started if you choose this option for your wedding:

Changing the Present

Create a wedding crest

A family crest refers to the image that appears on the helmet of a family's coat of arms, a family symbol that dates back to the medieval time period. It originated in medieval times, when a coat of arms would be granted to an individual. The individual passed down the coat of arms to family descendants, turning it into a family symbol. It would be worn by warriors as they entered battle as a source of family pride. The colors of the crest would represent the families role in their society. Typically crest would come in certain colors such as red, gold, silver, black, blue, green and purple. The color also carried special symbolism. The images on a family crest would symbolize special characteristics of that particular family .

Deciding what symbols represent you as a couple might be a task, so here is some help on meanings of different symbols that might be used.

Be Inspired by the Royals, since you will be the king and queen of your day

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding fabulous Etsy finds

I love Etsy, and every now and then I venture into Etsyland to see what is new in wedding products. I came across some very beautiful and useful wedding items.

I love to share with my readers different things that will help with their DIY weddings. I found a very interesting tool on Etsy that will leave your personal "stamp" on your wedding day.

Food Safe Acrylic Stamp - For Fondant, Cupcakes, Brides and Birthdays From Babyjewels. They are wonderful for making your cookies and fondant creations all your own. Brides love them for wedding cupcakes and they are great for birthdays, showers, bar mitzvahs and more. Measures 1.5" and has a wooden handle.

Fee free to change the wording on any stamp you see to make it fit your special occasion.

Jewelry with simple elegance is extremely attractive to me. Sometimes with the fanciness of your wedding hairdo and the bling of your tiara, simple elegant earrings will do just fine. That is what I thought of when I saw these Teardrop Pearl Earrings from CrystalAvenues. She has a host of other wedding stunning wedding pieces and also has a garters with a vintage look.

I gravitate towards anything with earthtones, so it is no surprise that I found this ringbearers pillow very attractive. I could actually see this on my bed or couch ( that's would be pre kids), which makes this a great keepsake that will add to your home decor. This Silk and Satin Floral Ring Pillow for your wedding is perfect for a wedding with chocolate tones. This pillow is from Jwrobelstudio.

So lovely and elegant for your wedding day and destined to become an heirloom that is treasured for years to come. This ring pillow is handcrafted with the utmost care to be the perfect accessory for your perfect day. Handmade rose with 23 satin petals that were sculpt with a bit of heat from a candle flame. The pillow is made from a beautiful coordinating silk dupioni and it is all accented with a chocolate satin ribbon. This pillow measures approx 6.5" wide, 9" long, and 2" tall, not including the additional depth of the rose.

Last but certainly not least , I have the pleasure of knowing some of Etsy's finest artisans. Trudy from Mommagoddess is makes awesome pieces, I have a few of them. This particular piece, the Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace made my list because of its wedding wow, it really is a stunning piece for any bride that wants a piece that says wow. It will look absolutely stunning with a strapless dress or one with a low cut back. The pearl and crystal jungle is attached to a sterling silver chain that trails down the back ending with a Swarovski crystal star. You will indeed be the star of the show whether you are entering or exiting the room.

If you are interested in any of the pieces below contact the shop owners they will be happy to work with you to create a customized look for your event.

Enjoy the Etsy inspirations


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