Thursday, May 28, 2009

Relaxing before your wedding

The day before your wedding and the day of your wedding should not be stressful days. Hopefully you have planned and prepared, hired a professional to deal with details, and you are surrounded by very helpful friends. Here are some recommendations for the day before your wedding.

Get a massage

Best way to rejuvenate from the last few months of planning is a massage. Indulge yourself in a luxurious, soothing massage. Get rid of muscle tension and strain. Make an appointment with a spa near by or rent a hotel room and have a Massage Therapist come to you. If you have not done a something with your bridesmaids, this would be a great opportunity to spend some time with them. If you are in the Colorado area, consider booking the services of Massage Therapist, Debbie Andersen. As the owner of The Knead 2 Relax, she offers rejuvenating massages that soothe body, mind and soul. For a Massage Therapist near you, click here.
To find a Day Spa near you, click here.

Rent a hotel room

Rent a hotel room for yourself. Use the time to meditate, listen to music or read a good book.

Go to a museum

I love the museum so I had to get this in. Loose yourself in the paintings and sculptures and take your mind off of your pending nuptials...if even for a moment.

Take a bubble bath

Surrounded by aromatherapy candles and soothing music, let your cares float away.

Get some rest

Sounds simple, however many brides pull all-nighters the days before the wedding and are almost at the point of crashing on the day of their wedding. If you are planning a bachelorette party or girls night out, plan them a couple of days before your wedding. Staying up late, having a hangover can definitely add stress to your wedding day. Make sure to let your friends know that you would prefer to have to celebrate a couple of days prior to your wedding, so that they are aware of your wishes. Have your wedding planner take care of any last minute things like programs or favors so that you could relax. As a wedding planner I know that I want my bride to be at her best on her wedding day, and if that means staying up late so that she does not have to then I will.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fabulous Finds around the Web

From time to time I do my share of web surfing in search of fabulous items to share with my readers. As usual if it makes it to my blog it made an impact when I saw it.
Today I want to spotlight a Etsy Shop, VieModerne. The name was the first thing that caught my eye, VieModerne, I envisioned a small cafe in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background....I think I have read to many novels. After my daydream I saw Noelle's wonderful and chic creations. Always searching all things wedding I gravitated towards Noelle's White Wedding collection.

The Collection is the embodiment of vintage glam.

These clip would make great headpieces for a vintage glam wedding.

MELANIE - Ivory Feather Bow Hair Clip with Rhinestones

Ivory hen feathers with ostrich flue, gathered into a bow and tied together in the center with satin ribbon and an antiqued rhinestone button.

Attaches with a toothed alligator clip affixed to a sturdy recycled leather base.

Measures approximately 5" wide by 2.5" High

DANIELLA - White Feather Wedding Fascinator Hair Piece. Also available in ivory.

White hen feathers, and playful ostrich hurl make this hair piece really special. Accented with a silver rhinestone button, and affixed to a recycled leather base and sturdy toothed alligator clip.

The piece has just a little bit of movement and a whole lotta elegance.

CELESTE - Peack Eye and Ivory Feather Fascinator with Rhinestones

I love the peacock feathers in this piece, it adds a beautiful touch of color.

Carefully trimmed peacock eyes arranged in in a star pattern are accented with a wispy circle of wheat colored coque feathers, ivory ostrich flue, and a scattering of emerald peacock herl. A shiny rhinestone button rests in the center.

This wispy, delicate piece attaches securely to your hair with a toothed alligator clip. Shipped in a gift box for safe keeping till that special day!

PEACH - Sparkle Organza Flower Hair Clip or Brooch

Add a touch of color to your bridesmaids hair styles with these Flower Clips available in a variety of beautiful colors.

For more fabulous hair pieces, check out Viemoderne on Etsy.

Be Inspired by Unique finds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Planning a Lingerie Shower

I've had the pleasure to network with a savvy business woman,Brenda Gonzales-Kennedy she is the owner of Naughty and Nice Lingerie. She graciously agreed to share a post from her blog for my readers.

Summer is almost upon us, and that means it's wedding season! If you are hosting a bridal shower soon, you might want to consider a lingerie theme - after all, a bridal shower is the perfect time to treat a bride-to-be to some pretty things to take on her honeymoon! After you’ve finalized the guest list and set a date (and made sure that the bride is comfortable with the theme..which you know she will be!), it’s time to start working on the details that will make this bridal shower truly special.

To have a party like this, the bride must be willing to give up her sizing information so her guests can purchase things that will actually fit her! This is a great time for her to head out for a professional fitting if she hasn’t had one lately. You can include the sizing information with the invitations, or the bride can create her own wishlist of items she is in need of! She can set up a wishlist on sites like, which let her add any item from any website (such as to her wishlist.

Now it’s time to send out the party invitations! There are plenty of lingerie-themed invitations available. I provide lingerie party postcards, but if you want something extra special, I have heard that has some unique and relatively inexpensive stationary from a wide variety of sellers. Some sellers have invitations specifically designed to include a page of sizing information! Be sure to specify the theme on the invitation.

The party itself should be pretty, decadent, and feminine, just like lingerie! Be sure to include flowers, wine, and candles. The little details will make the difference here - everyone expects snacks, but your guests will be impressed if you use lingerie cookie cutters to make on-theme desserts. If you plan to play shower games, you can even reward winners with lingerie. Of course, you don’t know what size the winner will be, a great idea would be something that is one-size-fits-most! You could also give away gift cards to places like When it’s time to say goodbye, send your guests home with a pretty party favor. You could hand out lingerie drawer sachets or inexpensive one-size-fits-most stockings. When I host a party, I normally give away lingerie mesh laundry bags..these are great and are useful since most women wash their lingerie in a washing machine, since we just don't have the time to hand wash anymore!

Have fun at your party, and if you live in Northern New Jersey or very close to it, email me at to book your party! We can do showers, or just a girl's night in party with a twist..a bbq for the summer months, or a pool party featuring great swimsuits from my site at Email me for more details!


For additional resources on invitations, check out

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fabulous Finds around the Web

I always enjoy reading other blogs, while blog hopping and came across a blog, City of Dionne. I enjoyed reading her post on Adornments, She talked about her experience on Etsy and identified a particular store, PamelaSusan, where she purchased gifts for her bridesmaids.

I was equally excited to find out that Dionne Christiansen owned her own Etsy shop, also called CityofDionne. As always I must highlight unique items that jump out at me.

Giddy Weddingness (Pillow Box Set of 8)

These eight (8) pillow boxes feature Dionne's illustrations and would make a lovely party favor box. I also thought they would be great packaging for gifts to your bridesmaids. The colors on the boxes can be changed to coordinate any color scheme
They also include eight coordinating ribbons.

Boxes are construct on white, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Paper, Acid Free.

In a previous post I talked about different ways to ask your attendants to participate in your wedding, well here are some great cards to write that special request on.

Giddy Weddingness (Note Card Set)

Check out all of the unique items at CityofDionne on Etsy

Be inspired by unique handmade items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will you be in my Wedding?

Congratulations your engaged, you immediately start considering details of your day. What date should we choose? Where should it take place? Who will be our attendants? For some of you the answer about who will participate is an easy one, for some it might be more difficult. In either case finding creative ways to ask those individuals to participate in your wedding can be fun.

Regardless of how you choose ask, relaying to your bridal party how important they are to you is key. The individuals that you choose have played special roles in your live and you are asking them to once again accept a role in one of the most important days of your life. Here are some tips on asking your friends to participate in your special day.

My first recommendation would be to make it PERSONAL. Think about different hobbies, interest that your friend might have and build your request around these areas. For example if they are avid readers getting a book by their favorite author would be nice. In the first page or inside cover you can make your requests.

A book of poetry about friendship would be a great idea, since it is another way to express their importance in your life. Once again start off with a note with your question. If you choose just one poem write it on a card and attach it to an item connected to one of your friends favorite hobbies, a golf club, a cookbook, a bottle of wine are a few choices.

Frame a favorite picture of you and your friend and place the question in the front.

Write personal notes to each of your friends.

If possible invite your bridal party over for an informal get together. Together you and your spouse to be can relay your feelings and ask them to participate.

Check out for some additional ways for asking your friends to participate.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Planning a vegetarian (vegan) wedding

In recent times when hosting a party we are growing more concerned with catering to special dietary needs. A good host would never invite a vegetarian friend over for dinner and not provide for their dietary preferences. Your wedding is the first and possibly the biggest party that you will ever host as a couple and so you should remember considering your guests special needs.

You and your spouse to be may also have dietary preferences, it would be no fun if you could not enjoy your the food at your own wedding because it did not cater to your preferences.

Planning a wedding involves many details and the more details that you add the more flustered you could get. Here are some tips for planning a vegetarian and/or vegan wedding.

The first thing I would offer for consideration when planning a special diet wedding is identifying your vegetarian guests and your vegan guests. While it sounds like their needs would be the same, they are not. I have a very good friend and he is a Vegan, I often feel really bad when we are invited to a wedding or formal party. They never know how to cater to him. A Vegan is a strict vegetarian that consumes no animal or dairy products. As in my friends case they might be very specific as to the preparation of their food as well.

Most catering halls will offer vegetarian alternatives, ask them about these alternatives. Chefs are expanding their menus to include delectable vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian cuisine has come into its own and there is no reason to have to settle for pasta primavera or stir-fried veggies. Vegan alternatives are also available even in the dessert area, I have tasted them and they were very delicious. Please be mindful that a plate of broccoli is not a very considerate Vegan alternative. I say this because when I attended a wedding with my friend, this is what they offered him when he stated he was a vegan.

If only one or two of your friends are Vegans consider asking if you could bringing in a specialty dish from a Vegan caterer or restaurant. If your catering hall has a problem with that alternative, you need to stress to them that they are unable to furnish you with the options you need for your guests.

As a couple if you are choosing to have a vegetarian wedding, start by expressing your choices to your family, especially if they are contributing in some way to your wedding. If you are hosting a vegetarian wedding you may have to think in reverse and speak to your caterers about offering some meat options to your guests.

When considering a full vegetarian event you want to consider a caterer that offers a varied and interesting menu. Talk to your caterer feel free to offer recipes or menu suggestions, I am sure they will be happy to be able to add these recipes to their repertoire. Consider a Kosher caterer as their special preparation rules prohibit meat and dairy in the same meal. They would have also have access to countless meatless meal options. A large part of Indian cuisine include vegetarian options as well.

You should definitely aim for a delicious, innovative and varied menu.

Vegan cakes are also on the rise as individuals are facing lactose, glutten and peanut allergies. I have had the pleasure to meet an excellent baker who caters to special dietary concerns when she bakes, Marney from Marney Cakes located in Long Island, NY. She will definately be able to cater to your vegetarian and vegan needs.

Vegan or Vegetarian options can extend to other aspects of your wedding. For Cruelty-Free Cosmetics check out PETA's list of companies.

Donations to various charitable companies are options that some couples choose for their weddings, why not make a donation to an animal shelter or animal rights organization in your guests' name.

If you having vegetarian options as part of a green wedding check out past post of green weddings, including green weddings dresses and invitations.

For a directory of Vegetarian (vegan) caterers, click here.

Be Inspired to plan a great vegetarian (vegan) wedding.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer favors - Sunflower Favors

It is my pleasure to network with great wedding professionals. Erin Carlson is the owner of Sunflower Favors, her company offers unique wedding favors. As the summer wedding season begins,I thought it would be great for Erin to give us some advice of choosing summer wedding favors. Erin also shares some of her personal favorites. So if you have not ordered your favors yet check out Sunflower Favors for great favors.

- Needless to say, considering my profession, I LOVE the summer season! Everywhere you look there is buzz about someone getting engaged, planning a wedding, or getting married. What’s not to love about that? With the summer season upon us, it’s time to start showcasing great wedding supplies and decorations, starting with wedding favors. Sunflower Favors offers an extensive selection of both contemporary and traditional wedding favors bound to unveil your personal style. As the owner of Sunflower Favors, I see MANY favors come across my desk. Here are some of my summer favorites:

1. Flip Flop Photo Frame: As delightful and breezy as a walk on the beach, these color-rich flip-flop frames can be used as place card holders, or you can add a favorite 2” x 1 ½” photo of the happy couple. They’re also great gifts for your beach-wedding welcome bag.

2. Beaches Tin Pail Candle with Authentic Shells: These 'beaches' candle tins are buckets of fun! Three authentic shells are suspended in the wax of the tin pail candle, which features a lively scallop-conch-starfish print and is tied with a sheer white organza ribbon. Sure to charm your guests! No beach side wedding would be complete without it!

3. Hot Wedding Theme Sunscreen: It's a nice gesture to give your guests something to make them more comfortable at your wedding. With the growing popularity of beach and island weddings, we've designed the perfect favor to coordinate with your event. These travel sized containers are filled with SPF 15 Sunscreen and will protect your guests from the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Nothing Is Sweeter Than Love Lemonade: Nothing is sweeter than love but our personalized lemonade mix sure comes close! Treat guests to this refreshingly sweet summertime drink. A perfect complement to any outdoor event. Create the perfect lemonade gift by pairing it with our optional heart handle mini whisk.

Even with a highlight of my favorite favors, choosing your wedding favors can be difficult! Here are some helpful tips in choosing the perfect wedding favor for your event:

1. 1. Make sure your favors reflect your personal style. Essentially, this is a personal gift from you and your (now!) husband, so make sure they can see it’s from you.

2. Don’t be too trendy! Fashions and designs come and go so quickly, that you don’t want to look back in 5 years wondering what you were thinking! Choose a favor that’s contemporary, but that will also withstand the test of time.

3. Coordinate your favors with your overall wedding theme. Whether you are having a fall wedding with deep oranges and reds, a beach wedding with sunsets and flip-flops, or a Las Vegas theme with dealers and poker chips – let your wedding favors match the occasion!

4. Choose wedding favors that are within your budget. No need to break the bank for favors – remember, you need hundreds of them! Take the time to shop around for the best deal – affordable favors are out there!

5. Don’t worry about pleasing everyone – please you! Just come to terms and face it right now – there is no way you will find a favor that everyone will like. Trust me, it’s impossible! So just remember, it’s your wedding – get what YOU want!

6. Order your favors early. Although you have to wait to get a somewhat accurate count of who will be attending, do not leave your favor ordering to the last minute. You don’t want to be the bride whose wedding favor shipment arrives the day after the wedding!

Best of luck with your event and happy planning!

~Erin Carlson

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Honoring mom at your wedding

In honor of Mother's Day, here are some ideas on honoring mom at your wedding:

* If you haven’t decided on your wedding song processional, you can choose to use the same song that your Mom or your future Mother-in-law used at her own wedding

* You can give both mothers a bouquet made with flowers they used at their own wedding, their favorite flowers or hints of their favorite color.

* Include both parents’ wedding photos at a table of honor at the reception.

* At the wedding program, dedicate a special poem not only for your and your Husband-to-be’s Mom but also to the Moms in the room who are celebrating your wedding and Mother’s Day at the same time. At my wedding which happen on a Mother's Day weekend, we selected two individuals that did not have other roles in the wedding to read letters of tribute that we each wrote for our mothers.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother of pearl Jewelry

Mother of pearls

I love mother of pearl jewelry. I love the the various colors that you could find in a piece of mother of pearl jewelry. I thought I would do some research on this unique jewel.

Mother-of-pearl or nacre ,is the iridescent substance that forms the lining of the shells of some fresh-water and some salt-water mollusks. Like the pearl it is a secretion of the mantle, composed of alternate layers of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. Among the chief sources are the pearl oyster, found in warm and tropical seas, chiefly in Asia; freshwater pearl mussels, which live in many rivers of the United States, Europe, and Asia; and the abalone of California, Japan, and other Pacific regions.

"mother-of-pearl." The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2008. Retrieved May 06, 2009 from

Here are some mother of pearl wedding jewelry that I thought I would share with you.

Lantana Design Wear

Lantana Design Wear offers a large selection of bridal costume jewelry.

Vintage Inspired Earrings

Mother of Pearl two tone bracelet

Mother of pearl ring set

32in Free Form Mother of Pearl Necklace

Be Inspired by natures unique creation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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