Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will you be in my Wedding?

Congratulations your engaged, you immediately start considering details of your day. What date should we choose? Where should it take place? Who will be our attendants? For some of you the answer about who will participate is an easy one, for some it might be more difficult. In either case finding creative ways to ask those individuals to participate in your wedding can be fun.

Regardless of how you choose ask, relaying to your bridal party how important they are to you is key. The individuals that you choose have played special roles in your live and you are asking them to once again accept a role in one of the most important days of your life. Here are some tips on asking your friends to participate in your special day.

My first recommendation would be to make it PERSONAL. Think about different hobbies, interest that your friend might have and build your request around these areas. For example if they are avid readers getting a book by their favorite author would be nice. In the first page or inside cover you can make your requests.

A book of poetry about friendship would be a great idea, since it is another way to express their importance in your life. Once again start off with a note with your question. If you choose just one poem write it on a card and attach it to an item connected to one of your friends favorite hobbies, a golf club, a cookbook, a bottle of wine are a few choices.

Frame a favorite picture of you and your friend and place the question in the front.

Write personal notes to each of your friends.

If possible invite your bridal party over for an informal get together. Together you and your spouse to be can relay your feelings and ask them to participate.

Check out for some additional ways for asking your friends to participate.

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