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Planning a vegetarian (vegan) wedding

In recent times when hosting a party we are growing more concerned with catering to special dietary needs. A good host would never invite a vegetarian friend over for dinner and not provide for their dietary preferences. Your wedding is the first and possibly the biggest party that you will ever host as a couple and so you should remember considering your guests special needs.

You and your spouse to be may also have dietary preferences, it would be no fun if you could not enjoy your the food at your own wedding because it did not cater to your preferences.

Planning a wedding involves many details and the more details that you add the more flustered you could get. Here are some tips for planning a vegetarian and/or vegan wedding.

The first thing I would offer for consideration when planning a special diet wedding is identifying your vegetarian guests and your vegan guests. While it sounds like their needs would be the same, they are not. I have a very good friend and he is a Vegan, I often feel really bad when we are invited to a wedding or formal party. They never know how to cater to him. A Vegan is a strict vegetarian that consumes no animal or dairy products. As in my friends case they might be very specific as to the preparation of their food as well.

Most catering halls will offer vegetarian alternatives, ask them about these alternatives. Chefs are expanding their menus to include delectable vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian cuisine has come into its own and there is no reason to have to settle for pasta primavera or stir-fried veggies. Vegan alternatives are also available even in the dessert area, I have tasted them and they were very delicious. Please be mindful that a plate of broccoli is not a very considerate Vegan alternative. I say this because when I attended a wedding with my friend, this is what they offered him when he stated he was a vegan.

If only one or two of your friends are Vegans consider asking if you could bringing in a specialty dish from a Vegan caterer or restaurant. If your catering hall has a problem with that alternative, you need to stress to them that they are unable to furnish you with the options you need for your guests.

As a couple if you are choosing to have a vegetarian wedding, start by expressing your choices to your family, especially if they are contributing in some way to your wedding. If you are hosting a vegetarian wedding you may have to think in reverse and speak to your caterers about offering some meat options to your guests.

When considering a full vegetarian event you want to consider a caterer that offers a varied and interesting menu. Talk to your caterer feel free to offer recipes or menu suggestions, I am sure they will be happy to be able to add these recipes to their repertoire. Consider a Kosher caterer as their special preparation rules prohibit meat and dairy in the same meal. They would have also have access to countless meatless meal options. A large part of Indian cuisine include vegetarian options as well.

You should definitely aim for a delicious, innovative and varied menu.

Vegan cakes are also on the rise as individuals are facing lactose, glutten and peanut allergies. I have had the pleasure to meet an excellent baker who caters to special dietary concerns when she bakes, Marney from Marney Cakes located in Long Island, NY. She will definately be able to cater to your vegetarian and vegan needs.

Vegan or Vegetarian options can extend to other aspects of your wedding. For Cruelty-Free Cosmetics check out PETA's list of companies.

Donations to various charitable companies are options that some couples choose for their weddings, why not make a donation to an animal shelter or animal rights organization in your guests' name.

If you having vegetarian options as part of a green wedding check out past post of green weddings, including green weddings dresses and invitations.

For a directory of Vegetarian (vegan) caterers, click here.

Be Inspired to plan a great vegetarian (vegan) wedding.

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