Thursday, October 29, 2009

Favor by Color

I like to introduce another wedding resource tool that will facilitate your wedding planning process. On this site favors can be chosen based on color, themes, seasons. The options are limitless and span a wide range of prices.

Favors by Color is a company that has been created to make a bride's or planner's search for favors and easy one. They have categorized favors by colors and seasons. The site is extremely user friendly and will take the stress out of searching for favors.

Kelley McConnell owner of Favors by Color shares her inspiration for this innovative company:

"While taking a wedding planning class, one thing I noticed was that brides know their colors very early on. And it was time consuming to go through every page of several websites looking for wedding favors and gifts while knowing I was looking for a particular color or color combination." said owner Kelley McConnell. "I thought it would be so much easier if there was a website dedicated to displaying wedding favors by color so the bride and I could easily find favors and gift options in her colors."

Favor by Color offers samples on most items, just send a request to and they will get it ordered for you. Most gifts and favors come pre-packaged in an attractive box, but if a bride would like any item gift wrapped, Favors By Color can take care of it! Just make pre-arrangements by calling 877-434-2664 .

For more information on the history and choosing your wedding favors check out this post

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wedding DIY: Natural Elements Tablescapes

Creating great tablescapes will help you make your tables say "Wow" at you pre-wedding and wedding festivities. For fall events adding natural elements help you tie in the season in a unique and eco-friendly way.

Here are a few of my favorite, check out each link for DIY instructions:

Autumn Berries



Celebrations at Home: Lovely Autumn Centerpiece

Monday, October 26, 2009

And the Winner is...........

I want to thank all of you who stopped by to enter the October giveaway. The winner of Inspired's October giveaway is ............Momma Goddess. Congratulations!! I hope that you enjoy the wonderful creation from Memoriesforlife.

I want to thank Edi from Memories for life for her providing her talent and creativity to Inspired's October giveaway. It was a great contribution to a great giveaway.

Winner was selected using

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Delectable Chocolate

Think back to the first time that you tasted your favorite dessert, or bit into a piece of Godiva chocolate. When the term "simply sinful" begins to makes sense; and you are almost unsure if you should take the next bite, so you eat slowly. Well when I tried on ME TOO's satin ribbon shoe, I felt like this. I actually tried on the closed back version to this shoe, but the front was the same as the Jeannette pictured above. I never realized how much I enjoyed shoes. Not just any shoe but the one that makes you want to run out and get a pedicure. I am usually afraid of shoes that are too high but the 4" heel on this shoe is very sturdy and comfortable, dancing comfortable.

If you want to be different for your brown wedding wear these heels under your gown. Imagine your photos with this great shoe peeking from under your dress.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Brown and Green Inspiration board

Brown and Green are great colors for a fall wedding. Check out this wedding inspiration board.


This olive-colored invitation features a faint floral background with your wording printed on top. Add the final touch to this invitation with a pre-cut, mocha ribbon that wraps around the middle of the card.

Wedding dress
ktjean etsy shop

Custom dream dresses available at the KtJean Etsy shop

Wedding Bouquet

Chocolate cosmos, scabiosa pods, brown mythe Gerbera daisies and Leonidas roses cymbidium orchids are so perfect in this hand tied beauty.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

Cake (island)

By: Courtesy of Gateaux Inc.

Reception Setting
Photos By: SB Childs Photography

Signature Drink

ABSOLUT PEARS has introduced a signature Peartini cocktail. It has a stimulating and full-bodied taste that is soft and ripe with a long and fruity aftertaste. The aroma is natural, containing mellow pears with a hint of sweet almond notes, adding a sensual energy to this otherwise demure fruit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

REAL Wedding: Bridesmaids Bouquets

In an effort to save money on wedding decor some brides might opt to enlist some fake items, it could be flowers, fruit or other items. Brides may opt to use fake bouquets because they want to save money or feel it is a viable "green" alternative. Well there are two issues that arise from using fake flowers, sometimes the colors chosen are so far from the natural color that your bouquets become very unattractive and have a "cheap look" to it. I have seen very realistic silk bouquets, that cause you to take a second look. They are indeed very nice and alot of work goes into them, however the price ends up being the same if not more that the cost of a bouquet with real flowers.

If the issue is saving money, then possibly you could have your ladies carry flowers that make an impact. Calla lilies do very well standing on their own, possibly two Calla Lillies hand tied with a organza or satin ribbon. When considering a single flower bouquet you must get flowers with strong stems. My personal favorite is the Gerbera daisy, it comes in fabulous colors perfect for a garden wedding.

Try smaller bouquets, less flowers, less money. If you have "green" in mind and are worried about the impact of transportation find a florist that will use locally grown flowers.

For DIY bouquets try wholesale flower shops. You will need to make sure you have a place to store the flowers so they stay fresh, like a refrigerator. However this option will help you save money and you get the benefit of real flowers. Also, with this option I don't believe you have to mention that you are getting married. Weddings are big business and the mere mention may bump up the price of your flowers, so mums the word.

For centerpieces you could try potted plants, go to local nursery. Maybe you could go to the really unassuming nursery and be pleasantly surprised by what you find. I have a local "nursery" near my home. She sets up from spring to late fall in a parking lot adjacent to a store. She has a great selection of flowers at really fabulous prices comparing to other nurseries. Try thinking seasonal, Mums for a fall wedding or tulips for a spring wedding. Possibly spend the money on really nice pots. You can also paint the pots, try a white or cream color with gold paint lightly applied with a sponge. For a rustic look stick with the Terra cotta pots with an organza ribbon tied around them. You can also cover them in moss and then add the ribbon.

Alternatives to flowers for Bridesmaids

Clutch - Maybe you could try a really nice clutch which will serve as your gift to your bridesmaids as well as a unique item to carry down the aisle.

This Etsy seller has loads of style packed into her shop and a great discounts for wedding parties. Get 5 bridesmaids bouquets for $325.00. When you consider that this will cover your budget for bridesmaids gifts and flowers, you have to agree this is a great deal.


Parasols would be great for beach weddings , Asian theme weddings, outdoor ceremonies. The come in a variety of colors and make an impact. There are many places that you could get parasols, the ones below were found at Pamela's parasols. You can also try Cultural Intrigue for a wholesale option.

Explore your options make them your own and be inspired by Real beauty!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspired by Collaborative Art

Inspiration..where do we find it. I love when I am inspired by things as well as inspiring others, hence the name of my blog. Inspiration can come visually, it can come from something you hear, a feeling or a combination of all of these.

I recently read an article written by a friend and artist, Amanda Day. Her article was entitled, Collaborative Art . I was quickly drawn in and intrigued by the title of this article. She began by writing that collaborative art is probably something all artists and crafters use in their daily creations, whether we know they know or not."

Collaborative art is the ability to enlist the ideas of others to build on a creative idea that you had. The collaboration part of this experience allows others to help build on your dreams with different ideas that help "expand your creativity and help you "think outside the box". While considering their ideas create your own masterpiece. Wow what a concept!

Although Amanda was using art as her frame of reference I thought back to my own experience as a wedding planner. I love how my job allows me to work with different vendors to create a great masterpiece, a couples wedding day. After talking to couples and hearing their vision , I build on their ideas and vendors build on my ideas and vision for the event....collaborative art. The process has a name, a very special and inspiring name. While I have always been passionate about planning weddings, I am looking at planning with a whole new perspective.

If you are planning your own wedding, I think it would be great to take a look at Amanda's article. Her ideas sound very much like a wedding plan, of course there are some others pieces that you will need to include. However, the creative aspect of your wedding will indeed benefit from collaborative art.

I leave this line from the article with you, it is my favorite and most memorable part; "Remember, though, this is your creation, so if it doesn't go exactly step by step, then, well, you've probably created a better piece of work because of it! Have fun and be inventive"

Thank you Amanda for inspiring me this week.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank you poem

Saying Thank you is always well received. Find creative ways to express your thank you's

Thank you for coming and sharing our day.
Hope comes from loving, and loving from friends.
After you left, we were left with the stars,
Near stunned by the grace with which such a day ends.
Know that your presence helped fashion our way.
You are the fields on which marriage depends,
Opening vistas no heart can convey,
Unloosing sweet music that now will be ours.

Poems courtesy of

Be Inspired by creative thank you's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October Giveaway

A wedding scrapbook is much more than a album filled with photos, a scrapbook also tells a story. With scrapbooking being very popular there are so many ways to capture the emotions of the day, give words to your memories. You could take the route of traditional scrapbooking or you could try new innovative techniques with digital scrapbooking. Traditional scrapbooking involves more hands on work, it becomes more personal because you have to cut out, paste, and write all of the information detail in the scrapbook yourself. Digital scrapbooking allows you more versatility with images and designs.

Now purchasing the scrapbook can be just as fun as working in it. This brings us to October's Inspired giveaway, sponsored by Memories for Life Scrapbooks. This giveaway will run from October 11, 2009 - October 23, 2009. Winner will be announced on Oct 25, 2009.

Simple and Stunning is the best way to describe this album!

Made with both the scrapbooker and non-scrapbooker in mind :) This album is super cute, yet elegant all at the same time!

The album measures 5.5"x8.5" and the inside pages are just a tad smaller. The covers are made of extra heavy chipboard and are covered with card stock and patterned paper.

The inside pages are each adorned with two patterned paper strips and photo corners to hold a 4"x6" photo. There are 10 pages to hold a total of 20 photos.

The scrapbook can be customized in any color to match the wedding colors.

The best part about this album is that it requires no cropping of photos and no adhesive is necessary!

This album would look great on your guest book table! Or better yet, give it as a gift to a new bride and groom! Either way, it will be a treasure for years to come

If you win and are you will have the option of a scrapbook with the "Mr & Mrs" or "Family time".

I am sure you are wondering how to enter this Inspired memories giveaway, here's how:

1. Subscribe to this post via RSS Feed or email.

2. Visit our sponsor, Memories for Life Scrapbooking

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6. You may enter daily, come back and comment on any other post, end your comment with "October Giveaway"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting along with your Mother-in-Law

I am often pleased when I meet talented individuals. I recently had the pleasure of networking with Sally Shields author of The Daughter-in-Law rules: 101 Surefire ways to make friends with your Mother-in-Law an Amazon Best Seller. I found this to be a fascinating subject matter. Fortunately, my relationship with my Mother-in-Law has been an easy and really nice one. For some it is not so easy, emotions run high between the two woman that will be a part of the groom-to-be's life. I am sure it is never too early or too late to try to establish a good relationship with your Mother-in-Law.

Here Sally shares more about her book:

What encouraged you to write the book?

I read "The Rules," a guide for single women
who want to land a husband the old-fashioned way.
I followed it to great success, and married the
man of my dreams. But after a couple of years, I
was having a hard time getting along with his
mother. I was scratching my head, going, where is
the manual for this?

I put the book together by taking each
anxiety-inducing situation I'd encountered (from
household items, to beauty techniques, to that
lovely and oh-so-appreciated advice as to how to
handle my children!) and offered myself a
solution as a tongue-in-cheek coping mechanism.
As I applied them, I noticed that my MIL's
attitude started to shift. So, I thought that
maybe I could help save other wives years of
needless contention!

How did you become the
"Mother-in-law Expert”?

When the book came
out, I started receiving hundreds of emails from
women all over the world - including Africa! The
#1 testimonial I received after offering my
support and advice was, "I wish I had this book
10 years ago!" and that is how I become the MIL
Expert! The book is based on the 7th spiritual
law of success which is: The quickest way to get
what you want is to help others get what they
want. What I mean is that I want a loving and
peaceful relationship with my husband and a
loving bond between my children and their
Grandmother. And a peaceful relationship with my
mother-in-law. Be a kindhearted, open, sensitive
person, and the world will reflect that back to
you—even in the form of your Mother -in-law. And
she may just surprise you and turn out to be an
ally— and friend!

So does this mean that, when you are staying
with your Mother-in-law, you should be polite and
do stereotypically female tasks like offer to
wash the dishes, even when your husband normally
does that sort of thing for you at home?

Yes! You should be polite and do everything
you can to help her out, such as clearing the
table, loading the dishwasher, making the bed,
and offering to launder the sheets when you
leave. It is also a nice touch to strip the
pillowcases and fold the blankets neatly upon the
bed upon departure. You should also empty the
facility in the guest bathroom, and store all of
your toiletries in your suitcase or under the
vanity while you are staying there. These are
things that you are doing in a willing and
proactive manner, not only because it is the
polite thing to do, but it is also
self-preservation! You want to give your Mother
In Law as little ammunition possible for
complaining about you -- now and in the future.

What are the three best ways to make a good
impression on a Mother-in-law?

1. Call her once a week--preferably when your
husband isn't home. If you're super busy, try
aiming for her machine (i.e. like when you know
she’s at Bingo). Leave her a quick message if
only to ask how she has been feeling!

2. Compliment her often. Mother-in-laws can be
just as self-conscious as we are, so take the
time to notice how pretty, thin, healthy and
young she looks, occasionally asking if you can
borrow an item of clothing or an accessory such
as a scarf or a purse.

3. Send her cards and flowers on her 3 special
days—birthday, anniversary (if she has one), and
Mother’s day. But, here's the trick: make sure
that your MIL doesn't receive a note solely with
your handwriting on it, or she may mistakenly get
the impression that her son has forgotten her
special day ... Rather, become a great
ghostwriter, and have your husband pen it from
the both of you!

Please visit Sally, speaker, author, radio
personality and International Media Specialist at for contest
giveaways, free bonus gifts, Sally’s newsletter, free gifts, free music, ... and more!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Married Magazine - New Bridal Resource

Get Married Magazine

I am so excited I got a copy of the newly launched Get Married Magazine, thank you Wendy, Get Married Communications Manager. I went through it several times and was pleased to see all pages jam packed with information. One of my favorite items is the stickers that are provided to mark your favorite products and pages, aptly named "Love it" stickers. You could even download applications of various products to your phone, handy feature for a bride on the go. The editors of Get Married have really worked hard at weaving technology into their new product which is great for our Technology driven couples.

Jodi Sheffield, Marketing specialist at Get Married magazines shares this about this new wedding resource:

In the irony of the times, Get Married magazine launches the same week where two national bridal publications close. With so many publications folding, Get Married magazine brings a tactile and fresh experience to a new generation of brides who aspire to discover new inspirations on TV, online and in print.

As the ultimate print vehicle, Get Married magazine is more about an interactive relationship with brides, combining traditional print with the interactive world. Get Married – a tri-media wedding platform - anticipated making it easy for brides to plan and shop, and took it one step further by creating a utilitarian tool and guide for brides. The magazine is the first bridal publication to ever use Microsoft Tag which gives readers instant entertainment and connection to videos, website, photos and information on a mobile phone, directly from the pages of the magazine.

Here are some of the fun, new and different components of Get Married magazine:

• The first issue of the magazine is FREE – a single issue (brides, get yours at or in bulk (wedding pros, give to your brides by ordering free at

• Love it? Buy it. The subsequent issues will be offered at an astounding low price of $14.96 for 4 issues! Order by calling Customer Service at 1-800-890- 2985.

• Shop the mag: Nearly 80% of the products brides see in Get Married magazine are available in Get Married ’s online wedding shop. We have brokered deals with some of the best in the bridal biz to offer great deals. Brides can go to and shop page by page of the magazine.

Be a winner!!!!!

Get Married magazine will feature ONE lucky bride-to-be on “The Lucky 7” page of each issue. Brides can win by becoming a registered Blogger Bride The more often you blog and post pictures, the better chance to be noticed by Get Married to become our next lucky girl. Once chosen, a picture of you and 7 of your wish-list wedding items will be printed on our “Lucky 7” page. Check out page 122 of the inaugural issue.


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