Thursday, September 25, 2008

Centerpieces: The options are endless

Flowers: Seaport Flowers
Photo By: Photography by Mary Ellen Bartley

One way to enhance the theme of your party or wedding is with centerpieces. They can bring a sense of whimsy, an atmosphere of elegance. It is a connecting piece. Centerpieces can be in the form of flowers, balloons, candles, the options are limitless. The wonderful thing about your centerpiece creation is that there isn't a formula or an exact science to it so your imagination is your only limit.Here are a few examples of centerpieces, each making a statement of their own.

picture by Yvonne Roman

In this centerpiece, the martini glass breaks the mold of standard containers and makes it a conversational piece.

Candles are always a surefire way to create ambiance:

Make a romance statement with candles, incorporating candles with your centerpiece will add to the statement it makes. Photo By: Jason Lutz/Flo Weddings, Toronto

You can also fill cylindrical vases with water arranged in different sizes and place floating candles in them. Floating candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, be creative.

You can even change the color of the water for added impacted.

Decorations: Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Photo By: John & Joseph Photography, Seattle, WA

We definitely cannot forget flowers that have been and probably always will be the best for centerpieces.

Centerpieces: Little Sparrow Floral Design
Photo By: Our Labor Of Love

A centerpiece can become a conversational piece and array of different centerpieces, each with their own special look becomes a very elegant statement. Floral experts are using vases in various shapes and sizes. Keeping the same color scheme will still give your event a cohesive feel.
Centerpieces: French’s Flowers & Gifts, Inc., Livonia
Photo By: Kristen Taylor Photography

Vases filled with natural materials such as rocks or sea glass can lend to an Asian inspired decor. Photo by Tony Morey

Bold colors would stand out in Asian inspired centerpieces.

You can consider using fruit incorporated with flowers or on their own.

Photo By: Red Gallery Photography

Centerpieces: Wild Bloom Flowers, Apex
Photo By: Azul Photography, Raleigh

Centerpieces: Gardenia Floral Design, Madison
Photo By: ALMASY Wedding Photojournalism, Atlanta

Using silver containers or ornate boxes can lend to a more traditional look. In a traditional centerpiece you might choose muted tones, like cream and blush colored roses.

Remember your guests when choosing a centerpiece. You may not want your guests to have to talk around your centerpiece trying to find the faces of their fellow guests. So instead of a conversational piece it may become a conversation stopper.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


What is your inspiration? When planning an event inspiration could come from anywhere. It could be a color, a season, a word, a favorite travel spot. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite colors come from nature. I love the beautiful colors of fall. The oranges, greens, browns, deep reds have inspired my wardrobe, even my home decor. As we enter Fall, I thought it appropriate to share party decor ideas inspired by this season. I was recently on a website that took my breath away, it had my colors all together for what would be a bridal shower. I thought I would share with you, along with some other things to throw a spectacular event. This theme would also be appropriate for a bridesmaid's luncheon or fall brunch.


Colors can inspire not only decor but food, drinks, table settings.

I went ahead and scoured the web for some other ideas that you could add to this theme. This is what I found.

I always look forward to the favors, I especially like practical favors. Here are some favor ideas that lines up with the theme and definitely falls in the practical category:

Comes packaged with a nice "thank you" tag. Ready for guests.

As fall approaches people look forward to sitting in front of a fire with some hot chocolate and a nice book. How about a nice bookmark to go with your theme.

Here are some additional recipes for your fall inspired event.

Despite the name , this appetizer brings in the bright colors of harvest.

Who could say no to this fall dessert, the colors say it all...yummy

Inspiration it is everywhere...keep looking out for it.

For all the recipes and prices for favors, please click on the links.

Be inspired


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Imparting information

I discovered early on in my life that I love to impart information. It is one of my life's natural highs. I love to know that someone will be better off with new found information, that I am privy to. I think there is a pocket in my brain that stores this information. On any given day I could receive a call from a friend who needs help planning some event, and I reach down into that pocket and inevitably there is an idea, a plan. I come alive planning, after years of helping plan, helping execute, I have decided to start my own business. I have reached the entrepreneurial season of my life...and I am very happy to have arrived. So as I enter in to this world of blogging, my goal is to continue to impart information in a different forum.

Why should I hire a Wedding Consultant?

Your Engaged Congratulations!
Now starts the planning process for what you hope will be the wedding of your dreams, the perfect day. So you sit down and start to list all the things you need to do. Venue, Flowers, Limos, officiant, favors and the list goes on. What started out as excitement… now turns into trepidation. This is when a wedding planner comes in and makes the planning road ahead smooth and less scary.
A wedding planner will act as a consultant through the process of planning your dream wedding. Wedding planners will have a list of vendors that they worked with in the past. They will recommend the best vendor to fit into your wedding style and budget. The planner that you choose will work with the wedding professionals that you have chosen; they will ensure that the details are set according to your desires.
Don’t consider a wedding planner an extra expense, consider the planning part of your wedding budget. Your wedding planner will be able to save you money by recommending the right vendor to fit your budget. The value of having a wedding planner overseeing the wedding professionals that you have chosen and the knowledge there is someone there to ensure that your day goes as planned is priceless.
Wedding planners will work with you at many levels. You can select full wedding planning, this will include consultation and management of your wedding plans. This plan works well for individuals who have hectic schedules and may have a hard time devoting to full vendor management and other aspects of wedding planning. There is partial planning that might include consultation and “day of” coordination. This plan works well for individuals who are comfortable with the overall planning, but will need some direction along the way and someone to execute their plans. You may also work out a customized plan with your planner. This can include, “day-of” coordination which despite the name will have the planner working with you the last month of your wedding including the day of the nuptials. You may also ask the planner to help with pre and post wedding events.
In my training as a bridal consultant, I learned one very important principle: value over economy. In essence, what that means is that sometimes you want to save money (economy) and you may choose to ask your Aunt to bake your wedding cake. On the day of your wedding the cake may arrive late , or crooked or possibly something came up for your Aunt and she could not complete the task for you. Having hired a professional baker to take care of the cake, will give you the peace of mind (value) that all would be taken care of in the way you planned.
Consider hiring a wedding professional. Find someone that you are comfortable with; someone that understands your desires and needs. Remember, you will be working with this person anywhere from 10 – 12 months, your personalities should work well together. They are there to guide you and give you perspective based on their experience, however ultimately it is your day and your desires will win. Prior training and continued training will show a professional who is serious about his or her work.
Planners may charge a percentage of your wedding cost, a flat rate, a fee based on the number of guests, an hourly rate. You could ask for a tax id, references or other certification.

Kattia Gordon


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