Thursday, September 25, 2008

Centerpieces: The options are endless

Flowers: Seaport Flowers
Photo By: Photography by Mary Ellen Bartley

One way to enhance the theme of your party or wedding is with centerpieces. They can bring a sense of whimsy, an atmosphere of elegance. It is a connecting piece. Centerpieces can be in the form of flowers, balloons, candles, the options are limitless. The wonderful thing about your centerpiece creation is that there isn't a formula or an exact science to it so your imagination is your only limit.Here are a few examples of centerpieces, each making a statement of their own.

picture by Yvonne Roman

In this centerpiece, the martini glass breaks the mold of standard containers and makes it a conversational piece.

Candles are always a surefire way to create ambiance:

Make a romance statement with candles, incorporating candles with your centerpiece will add to the statement it makes. Photo By: Jason Lutz/Flo Weddings, Toronto

You can also fill cylindrical vases with water arranged in different sizes and place floating candles in them. Floating candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, be creative.

You can even change the color of the water for added impacted.

Decorations: Wynn Las Vegas, Las Vegas
Photo By: John & Joseph Photography, Seattle, WA

We definitely cannot forget flowers that have been and probably always will be the best for centerpieces.

Centerpieces: Little Sparrow Floral Design
Photo By: Our Labor Of Love

A centerpiece can become a conversational piece and array of different centerpieces, each with their own special look becomes a very elegant statement. Floral experts are using vases in various shapes and sizes. Keeping the same color scheme will still give your event a cohesive feel.
Centerpieces: French’s Flowers & Gifts, Inc., Livonia
Photo By: Kristen Taylor Photography

Vases filled with natural materials such as rocks or sea glass can lend to an Asian inspired decor. Photo by Tony Morey

Bold colors would stand out in Asian inspired centerpieces.

You can consider using fruit incorporated with flowers or on their own.

Photo By: Red Gallery Photography

Centerpieces: Wild Bloom Flowers, Apex
Photo By: Azul Photography, Raleigh

Centerpieces: Gardenia Floral Design, Madison
Photo By: ALMASY Wedding Photojournalism, Atlanta

Using silver containers or ornate boxes can lend to a more traditional look. In a traditional centerpiece you might choose muted tones, like cream and blush colored roses.

Remember your guests when choosing a centerpiece. You may not want your guests to have to talk around your centerpiece trying to find the faces of their fellow guests. So instead of a conversational piece it may become a conversation stopper.

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