Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to select your bridal shoes

Brides concentrate on selecting the right wedding look, from head to toe. Knowing how to select each item so that it fits your personality, style and budget is important. More focus is being put on wedding shoes, brides are selecting shoes that fit their personality and that sometimes means moving away from the traditional white bridal shoe. Take a look at this video to help you select the right bridal shoes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Save or Splurge on Wedding Shoes

Setting a budget for your wedding includes setting budgets for your wedding attire. As a planner I have seen brides who are willing to splurge on certaing "must have" items while saving on others. Brides "must haves" vary from bride to bride. I always like to offer various options before a bride selects a "must have" to keep her within her budget.

Here are a few Spend or Splurge options for shoes.


Stuart Weitzman $395.00


Nina $89.00 (current sale 68.56)

Nina Blue Satin, $89.00


Badgley Mischka Blue Satin

Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 5 ways to have a "Green" wedding

Having an eco-friendly or "green" wedding does not mean sacrificing on style. It just allows you to celebrate one of the most important days of your life with minimal impact to the environment.

Wedding dress

There are many designers who have made wedding style elegant and of course "green". There are so many products available that offer a "green" option with style. One such company is Jessica Charles formerly Jessica Iverson; her Collection from their Terra Amore line offers chic and elegant options for your wedding day. This Santa Barbara-based wedding dress designer Jessica Charles has set out to make eco-friendly gowns chic and even more luxurious and beautiful than traditional gowns. She has made "green" chic and elegant.

You should look for designers that are using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, lyocell (made from wood pulp) and soy fabrics.

You could also consider options such as a pre-owned dress from a retailer, vintage shop or family member.

Wedding favors

The options for eco-friendly favors are limitless. Look for favors using sustainable materials, packaging and practices.

Eco-friendly flowers

The Cotton Candy Organza Button Bouquet by reallybadkitty on Etsy

When making eco-friendly decisions for your wedding you have to give extra thought to your selections. When making your flower selections consider buying from a local farmers market. Select a florists that uses organically grown flowers and utilizes "green" practices in their shop. Select flowers that are in season and will not require long distance transportation that will have a negative impact on the environment. Think about simple. Consider alternatives to flowers for bouquets and centerpieces. Things like candles (eco-friendly of course!), potted plants, feathers. Use your imagination and make it personal to your wedding.

Eco-friendly invitations

When looking at eco-friendly invitations you should look at materials and practices. Look for companies that use environmental papers, either tree-free or a high recycled content and soy inks. 100% cotton paper made from reclaimed fibers is used for their invitations and envelope liners are made from 30% recycled paper.They also support various environmental causes, they donate 1% of sales to environmental organizations.
Botanical Paperworks

Eco-friendly gifts

Involve your guest in your ecp-friendly endeavors. Requests that they make donations to one of your favorite "green" organizations. Remind guest of your desire to have an eco-friendly wedding and they may remember your wishes when purchasing a gift.


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