Monday, July 27, 2009

Bridal Giveaway 2009

Inspired! Wedding Tips and ideas is hosting its first annual bridal giveaway. Beautiful set of Toasting Flutes, choose from three different styles.
Choice 1

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Earn an extra entry by visiting the sponsors page view other gifts or items and come back and post the items that you liked on the site. If your name is chosen you could win both prizes, the flutes and other item (up to $50 value). Be sure to end your comments with "contest entry".

Choice 3

You can earn extra entries by following this blog, subscribe in reader or by email. You can also earn an entry if you advertise this giveaway on a social network or blog, you should come back and post the link. Come back everyday for extra entries, read any of the blog posts and comment, end your comment with "contest entry".

Entries will be accepted through August 17, 2009 at 11:59pm. Winner will be announced on August 24, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

Bridal Giveaways

Still need to get your bridal shoes check out this bridal giveaway

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Contest ends August 31, 2009. all entries must be submitted no later than August 24, 2009. only weddings held after August 31, 2009 will be eligible for the prizes.

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Get a Free Garter - extended!

Jullian Smith is extending their giveaway until August 15th!. Go to their site for futher details.

Call today for your free consultation and come in before 8/15! Click on her logo below to check out all the fun styles and her cute blog as well!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Traditions: Something Old, Something New

I love to investigate traditions and history. There is always a background story for the traditions we practice. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a timeless saying, ever wonder what's behind the saying. The history and roots of the traditional wedding is steeped in history.

This saying dates back to the Victorian era, and was believed to be good luck for the bride whenever she used this old superstition in her wedding. The bride linked to her past, by using her mothers wedding gown or veil.... hence, something old. New shoes or a new string of pearls represented something new; they were believed to bring success and good fortune to the bride. When the bride wore a token of friendship lent by someone close, it represented something borrowed. A borrowed object could have been from a happily married friend, such as a lace handkerchief Blue has been associated with loyalty and faithfulness, in biblical times it symbolized purity and fidelity. The custom began in ancient Israel where brides wore a blue ribbon in their hair to symbolize their fidelity. Brides and Grooms wore a blue ribbon at the bottom of their wedding garments.

Looking for something blue.....

LatigoMoon - Etsy shop

These beautiful earrings (shown here with separate listing for necklace) are peacock inspired Blue Crystal and Glass dangling earrings that hang off box chain sterling silver threaders. The Swarovski aqua blue crystal 8mm briolettes are accented by indigo blue glass beads. Stunning! If you are looking for a Necklace to wear with it, check out the Peacock Blue Necklace listing.

Latigo Moon on Etsy

London Blue Topaz, peruvian quartz as accents...what is not to love on these beautiful hammered sterling silver spiral hoops. Resources

Be Inspired by old traditions!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bridesmaids Gifts

I am always in search of fabulous finds to share with my audience. Well I came across and Etsy shop (yes Etsy again) and found these fabulous clutches. They make perfect gifts for your bridesmaids, they will not stop talking about this gift. Whenever they step out with these stylish clutches by their side they will remember you. You could even have each bridesmaid design her own, so you could be sure that it will be a style she likes.

Etsy shop, Loveamarie, enjoys working with silk, satin, pearlescent paper, brocade and has some great designs.

The *lola mini* clutch is cute and perfect for girls-on-the-go... it's a great size clutch that can fit into your purse so you can bring your everyday make-up or other things to work. it can also fit snugly in your hand or under your arm if you wanted to take it out for the night.

As I looked through her site, I came across a great bridal idea. Instead of flowers, how about evening bags. the *talia* clutch is sweet and pretty... it's flat, has rounded bottom corners, and is a great size for fitting all of your necessities - great for your big day!

This shop carries a host of other clutches and bags that you could treat yourself too. For all those pre-wedding parties that you will attend you could have a new bag. You could never have too many bags.

Be Inspired by great design

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fabulous Finds around the Web: Garter Lady

I love handmade items, I love the work and detail that go into making beautiful handmade items. The Garter Lady is an Etsy shop that shows off the creativity in handmade garters. The designer wants to be know through her creations, well if her creations speak for her she is a lovey and elegant woman.

Here are some of my favorites.

This garter is breathtaking. In Champagne and Silver Embroidered Schiffli Wedding Lace and Candle Bridal Satin:The Ultimate and "Most" Exceptionally Beautiful Bridal Accessories

Lovely in your choice of white or ivory soft-silky satin
with satin bows and the exquisite Thistle Wildflower National Emblem Silver with Stunning Amethyst Jewel Brooch -

This is the Heirloom you will wear in the beauty and grace you are as a Bride on your Wedding Day and then tuck away until your first anniversary to wear as you celebrate the most beautiful day of your life.

GarterLady's Hanky Garter Set with Vintage Wedding Brooch with Stunning Something Blue Rhinestone

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fabulous Finds around the Web: SoapRehab

I am becoming very addicted to Etsy shops. So I stumbled on this site and when I looked at all the product names, I was not sure if I wanted to eat them or put them on my skin. Well the product line is from Etsy Shop Soaprehab.

SoapRehab is a shop of made-from-scratch cold process soaps, lotions and other bath and body products...time-honored methods but with a modern kick. Sara Addington, owner of SoapRehab is a licensed Esthetician committed to using natural yet effective ingredients to create products that are detergent free and paraben free. Now you can get clean and feel good about it, too. And the best part--indulging in a luscious treat for your mind, body and soul. Kick your bad soap habit and start a good one.

Their telling me to go to rehab and I say Yes! Yes! Yes!

Furthermore, I get excited about green products.... Soap Rehab is committed to using environmentally friendly ingredients and reducing waste from excessive packaging. They use only *Organic* Palm Oil from a sustainable source (to protect the orangutan habitats), NO parabens, and all my products are VEGAN. Bar soap packaging is made to be easily tossed into paper recycling bins, and all jars are PET plastic (#1) for easy recycling through your neighborhood service. We also reuse packing materials in our commitment to cut down on waste. Rehab is looking better and better.

I think that your bridesmaids will love you for treating them to a basket of products from this Etsy Shop. Create a mix of body sugars, body butters and lip balm and your bridesmaids are prepared for a day of pampering.

Wasabi Ginger is bright, green, and fresh--all the good stuff but without the bite! Notes of eucalyptus, ginger, top notes of lemon and a hint of mint make for a refreshing clean feeling.

Blackberry Lemon Drop Bath Soak--Fizzy Bath Salts
Start out with fruity blackberries, add the juice of a lemon, some sugar, and a splash of sultry vanilla and you've got a delicious recipe!

This Soap Rehab Bath Soak has a burst of fizz like a bath bomb, and contains mineral rich dead sea salts that help soften and soothe your skin for a relaxing bath experience.

Brown Sugar Pecan Bath Soak--Fizzy Bath Salts

Drool Alert! Tempt your senses with sweet, golden brown sugar and toasted pecan. A dry down of soft vanilla is irresistible. Smells a lot like the pralines I got while visiting New Orleans. Delicious. Somehow very alluring

I feel like going out for a ice cream sunday now

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Online Bridal Shower

With families and friends living further apart than ever, would you consider throwing an online bridal shower? Online communication is increasingly the vehicle we choose in communicating. Why not use this vehicle to show support for a friend or family member with an online bridal showers. Think about creating an online "gathering" for bride-to-be.

While most of the time bridal showers are surprises, I feel that to make this online affair as successful as possible you should include the bride-to-be in your plans. You can incorporate the traditional elements that you are used to, like games, gifts, and talk about the couple and honeymoon.

Invitations can be sent out for an online bridal shower just as they would be normally or through email. would be a great site to use, it is one of my favorite sites for electronic invitations. Your choice of delivery is up to you, however invitations sent through the Internet or email are usually faster, easier, and free. Include information about exactly how the online bridal shower will happen and where the couple has registered for gifts. If it's necessary for attendees to sign up for a membership online, encourage them to do this ahead of time to lower the chances of potential technical difficulties on the day of the online shower.

Setting Up An Online bridal Shower

Where online would an online bridal shower be held?, I am sure that is a question in you mind. There are many online free private chat rooms that you could use for this occasion. If the couple already has a website, it might be possible to incorporate a chat room widget for the bridal shower. Skyppe is another place where you can gather all of the guests to have a shower, however all the guests would need a skyppe account which is free of course. If you create a new site you can have a page for a guestbook, link to the couple's bridal registries, photo album of the couple and any other details that the bride would want to include. The couple could choose to keep the site and post honeymoon pictures if they want.

You could have the guests send all of the gifts to the bride-to-be and advice the bride-to-be not to open them until the day of the shower. She could even take a picture of all of the gifts on all arranged to load on the website or during the chat. Have the bride-to-be describe the presents as she opens them, for all the virtual ooohs and aahs. If the host is in the same area as the bride, the host should be with the bride-to-be for the event. Buy a cake and post a picture on the website, send a recipe for a cool drink that all the guests could try. Send a document to all the guests with a game you could play together. Questions on the document would be answered in the chat room. There are many things that you could incorporate, it definitely is not an exact science.

Be Inspired to try the non-traditional!!!!!!!

Marriage Licence information

It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plans.

The Marriage License Laws for to marry vary from state to state. For State by State requirements, click here.

A marriage performed in another jurisdiction -- even overseas -- is usually valid in any state as long as the marriage was legal in the jurisdiction where it occurred.

Click here for some requirements set by state law can include:

A marriage license issued by the county clerk or clerk of the court (along with payment of a fee).

WeddingCram has compiled marriage license requirements for each state. Keep in mind that it is for informational purposes, and should be used as a general guide.

Twenty states require couples to wait a few days after applying for a marriage license before they receive the license:

1-day Waiting Period: Illinois, New York, South Carolina.

2-day Waiting Period: Maryland.

3-day Waiting Period: Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington.

4-day Waiting Period: Delaware.

5-day Waiting Period Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin.
Performance of a marriage ceremony with witnesses and a person recognized by the state to have the authority to perform marriage ceremony (such as a priest, rabbi or a judge).

A religious ceremony should be conducted under the customs of the religion, or, in the case of a Native American group, under the customs of the tribe. Religious ceremonies normally are conducted by religious officials, such as ministers, priests, or rabbis. Native American ceremonies may be presided over by a tribal chief or other designated official.

Most states require one or two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate.

Information source:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Writing your own vows

On this very special day when you will marry that special someone, have you considered writing the vows that you will recite? Looking lovingly in your future spouse's eyes you begin, "I...on this". Maybe you will need a little help to get started, here are some tips.

Set aside a time for writing

Our lives are consumed with work, family, friends and all your wedding plans. Schedule a date for writing your vows. You can choose to meet up with your spouse-to-be to and answer some basic questions together. Decide whether you will write a mutual vow that you will both recite or individual vows. Set up a relax environment where all other wedding topics are off limits. Allow yourselves to focus on the vows alone. After talking about these different points you can separate and write your individual vows. Taking time to put your thoughts on paper can be a memorable and emotional experience.

Start early!!

Don't let time sneak past you and leave you trying to write down vows the night before. You will be nervous and excited and eventually frustrated when you are unable to come up with the right words. You should give yourself at least a month to work on your vows , two months would even be better.

Starting points

Ask some questions to get you thinking important days, events, and turning points in your relationship. Please remember to stick to all of the positives , this is not a good time to bring up that he did not give you flowers on your first birthday together.

* When did you fall in love? Why

* When did you first say "I love you" to each other?

* What qualities do you most admire about each other?

* What ways are you alike? Different? How do you compliment each other?

* Why did you decide to get married?

* How have you helped each other through hard times?

* What do you have together that you don't have apart?

* What do you want to accomplish together? How do you envision growing old together?

These questions are a good starting point, you may or may not incorporate all of the answers into your vows.

Other tips

Review traditional religious vows, whether from your own faith or others. There might be items from other faiths that may become meaningful to you, which you can incorporate in your vows.

Use poetry books, love stories, songs, scriptures to help you express what you are feeling. Love has inspired many through the centuries and it is a language that at the end of the day says the same thing "I love you".

Think about words that stick out like love, cherish, respect, etc, and think about how what they mean to you.

Your vows can be clever and light however you should remember the seriousness of these wedding vows.

Make a draft, put it down and come back to it later and revise until you feel you are done.

Remember that while personal, you have invited friends and family to witness this day. Don't make it so personal that no one will understand what you are talking about.

Don't write a book, you will have forever to express to each other how much you love each other . So don't make your vows too long.

Ask your officiant if he or she will want to approve your vows before the wedding day.

What ever route you chose with your vows, remember they are the most important part of your entire day and possibly of your commitment to each other.

Be Inspired to have a great marriage as reflected in your wedding vows!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get your wedding sponsored

Having your Wedding Sponsored Can Save you Thousands of Dollars

Author: The Wedding Sponsor

A sponsored wedding is not a new concept but a practical one. As the cost of weddings increase so does the realization of sponsorship. What does sponsorship actually mean? It can be as simple as getting a 70% discount on the purchase of invitations or as involved as a large cash injection of $10,000. So why would someone discount or for that matter give cash when they don't even know the wedding couple. It is commonly referred to as "cross promotion" where you bring on common interest partners that tastefully share in the success of your wedding day or event.

Most sponsors are looking to somehow tie their products or services in with the event itself. Like any advertiser the end product must be to heighten the awareness of the Sponsor and their level of participation in the event. Such as, if a Sponsor gave you 70% off of a service that would have cost you $1900 , the level of participation for that Sponsor is $1330 ( which is your net savings). Now the question is, how do you give that value back to the Sponsor ? This can be done in many different ways but the main objective to remember is the level of awareness the Sponsor has traded in services. Such as offering the Sponsor advertising opportunities on a web site specifically set up for the event, a combination of print and web, tie in to a press junket ( a theme pre-event gathering where press are invited ), or many other combinations. For more information on wedding sponsorship visit

About the Author:

Brian Leslie is CEO of "The Wedding Sponsors", a company which provides sponsorship services to wedding couples looking to save money on their "big day" The author of this article, Leslie, has spent many years in Film Industry as an Executive Producer specializing in cross promotion and financing.

Article Source: - Having your Wedding Sponsored Can Save you Thousands of Dollars

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Contracts

Vendor Contracts For Your Wedding Day

Author: T. Z. Cole

Contracts, contracts , contracts. Wither it is a wedding event, purchasing a home, auto or property or the deal for your wedding meal and reception - in the end legalities, and contracts come into play. Better to play it by the book, follow the straight and narrow path. Be safe rather than sorry.

Weddings are dreamy affairs, but they often involve some down-to-earth planning. Once you decide your vision, you should count on some down-to-earth paperwork, namely the contracts. Such documents are legal between you and your vendor on terms and conditions. They work to each and both parties' advantage. Each knows what is expected in terms of services and fees, so there is less chance of disappointments as the wedding day nears.

Many wedding services provide formal wedding contracts drawn up by their lawyers. These contracts are usually standard. It is best not to be put off by all the complex gobbleygook legalese. Although you do not always have to pay for your own lawyer, look over a contract, if you take the time to read it carefully. You should be able to get more than a gist of the language and undertaking yourself. Make sure that you read every line, foreword and backward, and understand every nuance- even the simplest phrases such as "and/ or" (for example "red and / or white wine"), may not be correct. You may wish at your event not have to have either red or white wine. You choose to have both red and white wine served. Next look to references in the text. For example the phrase "above", may refer to a description of terms of events that are not your choice. Or refer to paragraph one, where paragraph one refers to a vendor's decision which was exactly not the one that you chose. If you are not sure, or unsure of anything, now is the time to ask. There is nothing wrong in asking for clarification of the agreement and contract.

After all that is what the whole contract process is about - customer service, customer satisfaction with no misunderstandings.

Some vendors, especially those with small or informal businesses, may draft a handwritten agreement or use a simple proposal as the contract. In many cases this fine and standard practice. It is often the case that this suffices as the contract whereas a lengthy very expensive and overkill lawyers contract is needlessly long and complex for the situation. Both parties may well find it much easier - both for the agreement and work through. Remember that you are party to this process of the contract as well. If things - or a clause are not to your liking - then no need to be bulldozed or taken advantage of. Smaller, more personal vendors usually take a direct pride in their business and personal reputation. They want to do business with you. They want you to be happy and spread their word and reputation. After all business grown by word of mouth and referrals is the very best form of advertising and promotion there is.

For any document and contract to be legally binding both parties must sign the agreement - not only one side. Otherwise the contract is not binding and valid to both sides. In addition any changes that are made to the contract must be followed up by a letter from both sides.

Ensure to keep a copy of these signed contractual documents in a safe and accessible manner. You are not running a land titles or property tax assessment office.

However in the case of any changes or even disputes actual documentation goes a lot longer in a pinch of problems on a wedding day than simply a verbal recollection or misunderstanding by both sides of the agreements and contracts.

About the Author:
Winnipeg Wedding Catering Appeal Property Taxes Winnipeg Wedding Photography Venues.

Article Source: - Vendor Contracts For Your Wedding Day

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cleaning your wedding jewelry

Tips on washing your wedding ring

Author: mark fisher

Your wedding ring is the symbol of your love and commitment. So you surely want to have this most precious ring for your lifetime without any damages to scratch its glow or sparkle. You want your ring and its embellishments to be crystal clear and sparklingly beautiful for many years to come, as it is your life long companion making you remember all the sweet memories of your good times. So you should think about its taking care even before you have received one or the special occasion. Taking care comprises of lots of things and you have to consider all those things carefully and minutely.

When you are zeroing in on your wedding ring then you want have the best one considering all its subjective and objective features. You want to buy the one, as it is an investment if you think otherwise. It is an investment, which will remain with you for a long time and that, is why you should be very careful about taking care of it. Taking care means the care of the metals and the stones i.e. diamonds and other stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz etc. The stones are very vulnerable as they are outside of the design and receive the blow comparing other. If the stone is diamond then you need to take care of it more appropriately. Diamond is the hardest compound and also the brightest and strongest compound in the world.

One of the most common ways of getting your ring dirty is the daily work and kitchen work specially. The oil gets stick to it very easily and makes a layer on the brightness and glow of that ring and on the stone. Even the oils from skin can have a detrimental effect on the cleanliness of your ring. Every kind of jewelry especially rings tend to get dirty in one day wear and must be cleaned. The simple and easiest way of clean your ring is washing it. But washing means with lots of care and gentleness. Wash it with a mild shop and then give your ring a soft ouch of brush, which will wash the ring and stone as well. All the loose particles will be removed and washed away. But always be careful about this washing because little bit of carelessness means a lot of misery.

You can lose your stone of your ring or worse than this you can lose your ring. So be careful and do not wash it around the sink or any pipe or hole that can lead your precious ring to an unrecoverable darkness.

You can soak your wedding or engagement ring in a solution of ammonia and cold water for half an hour and then have your ring washed. There are also various washing solutions available in the market. You just have to follow the instructions carefully and be careful not to touch the diamond with your fingertips. Doing so defeats your purpose by transferring the oil from your fingertips onto the diamond. Always handle your diamond ring by the edges and have a habit of removing your wedding rings and other jewelry while you are busy in heavy work. Thus you can keep your ring and other jewelry unscratched and clean.

About the Author:

Attractive diamond wedding rings, gold wedding band and wedding ring set available here.

Article Source: - Tips on washing your wedding ring

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pets in the wedding

I don't have a pet...well unless you count the fish in my pond. However watching those around me with pets and hearing their stories I understand the important roles that pets play in their life.

Do you have a furry four legged child you would like to include in your nuptials? Would never consider leaving your pet out of your ceremony? Here are some ideas on including your pet in your wedding.

Because of the ability to easily train..dogs usually become part of the wedding party. As a ringbearer, groomsmen, or bridesmaid. I don't know that they can legally be a witness for your so I am not sure about the maid of honor or best man role, however if that is your desire you can have a groomsmen sign before hand and have your four legged friend stand in.

* Get permission

Find out if the venue(s) that your are using will allow dogs (pets) on the grounds

* Ensure your guest’s comfort

Make an announcement on your website about your dogs (pets) participation. Let your bridal party know, remember they will be standing close to your dog (pet) and may have an allergy. I am sure you don't want a groomsman or bridesmaid with a red nose and watery eyes in your wedding pictures.

* Are they up to the job?

Consider your dog (pet), all parents know their kids and how they will respond in certain situations. Consider their comfort.

Will they like the crowd?

Are they unpredictable?

Are they biters? This would not be a good memory for one of your guest.

Will your dog be ok if you are not paying them attention most of the time? Or will they be nagging you?

* Find a dogsitter
Taking the dog to the reception may prove to be a really exhausting day for them, and may bring out unpredictable behavior. Make arrangement for a dogsitter to pick them up.

Remember the ceremony decor and any flowers that you may have around your dog, you don't want something that is toxic around your dog. Also, remember their outfits and any buttons or ornamentation that may cause choking.

Dressing up your pet will ensure that your pet will be well dressed. had the cutes tuxedo and top hat, check it out.

For more information on including your pets or to read of real weddings and how they included their pets check out these sites.

USA Today


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