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Marriage Licence information

It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plans.

The Marriage License Laws for to marry vary from state to state. For State by State requirements, click here.

A marriage performed in another jurisdiction -- even overseas -- is usually valid in any state as long as the marriage was legal in the jurisdiction where it occurred.

Click here for some requirements set by state law can include:

A marriage license issued by the county clerk or clerk of the court (along with payment of a fee).

WeddingCram has compiled marriage license requirements for each state. Keep in mind that it is for informational purposes, and should be used as a general guide.

Twenty states require couples to wait a few days after applying for a marriage license before they receive the license:

1-day Waiting Period: Illinois, New York, South Carolina.

2-day Waiting Period: Maryland.

3-day Waiting Period: Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington.

4-day Waiting Period: Delaware.

5-day Waiting Period Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin.
Performance of a marriage ceremony with witnesses and a person recognized by the state to have the authority to perform marriage ceremony (such as a priest, rabbi or a judge).

A religious ceremony should be conducted under the customs of the religion, or, in the case of a Native American group, under the customs of the tribe. Religious ceremonies normally are conducted by religious officials, such as ministers, priests, or rabbis. Native American ceremonies may be presided over by a tribal chief or other designated official.

Most states require one or two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate.

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  1. Great post! It is the simplist of things that ppl tend to forget when planning a wedding. When my little brother got married the preacher left w/out signing the marriage license, good thing they caught him on his cell phone so he came back and signed them.



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