Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pets in the wedding

I don't have a pet...well unless you count the fish in my pond. However watching those around me with pets and hearing their stories I understand the important roles that pets play in their life.

Do you have a furry four legged child you would like to include in your nuptials? Would never consider leaving your pet out of your ceremony? Here are some ideas on including your pet in your wedding.

Because of the ability to easily train..dogs usually become part of the wedding party. As a ringbearer, groomsmen, or bridesmaid. I don't know that they can legally be a witness for your so I am not sure about the maid of honor or best man role, however if that is your desire you can have a groomsmen sign before hand and have your four legged friend stand in.

* Get permission

Find out if the venue(s) that your are using will allow dogs (pets) on the grounds

* Ensure your guest’s comfort

Make an announcement on your website about your dogs (pets) participation. Let your bridal party know, remember they will be standing close to your dog (pet) and may have an allergy. I am sure you don't want a groomsman or bridesmaid with a red nose and watery eyes in your wedding pictures.

* Are they up to the job?

Consider your dog (pet), all parents know their kids and how they will respond in certain situations. Consider their comfort.

Will they like the crowd?

Are they unpredictable?

Are they biters? This would not be a good memory for one of your guest.

Will your dog be ok if you are not paying them attention most of the time? Or will they be nagging you?

* Find a dogsitter
Taking the dog to the reception may prove to be a really exhausting day for them, and may bring out unpredictable behavior. Make arrangement for a dogsitter to pick them up.

Remember the ceremony decor and any flowers that you may have around your dog, you don't want something that is toxic around your dog. Also, remember their outfits and any buttons or ornamentation that may cause choking.

Dressing up your pet will ensure that your pet will be well dressed. had the cutes tuxedo and top hat, check it out.

For more information on including your pets or to read of real weddings and how they included their pets check out these sites.

USA Today

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