Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Traditions: Something Old, Something New

I love to investigate traditions and history. There is always a background story for the traditions we practice. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, a timeless saying, ever wonder what's behind the saying. The history and roots of the traditional wedding is steeped in history.

This saying dates back to the Victorian era, and was believed to be good luck for the bride whenever she used this old superstition in her wedding. The bride linked to her past, by using her mothers wedding gown or veil.... hence, something old. New shoes or a new string of pearls represented something new; they were believed to bring success and good fortune to the bride. When the bride wore a token of friendship lent by someone close, it represented something borrowed. A borrowed object could have been from a happily married friend, such as a lace handkerchief Blue has been associated with loyalty and faithfulness, in biblical times it symbolized purity and fidelity. The custom began in ancient Israel where brides wore a blue ribbon in their hair to symbolize their fidelity. Brides and Grooms wore a blue ribbon at the bottom of their wedding garments.

Looking for something blue.....

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London Blue Topaz, peruvian quartz as accents...what is not to love on these beautiful hammered sterling silver spiral hoops. Resources

Be Inspired by old traditions!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow!! This is great!! I love it when traditions are kept with weddings!!! This blog is wonderful! I really love all the great info!! GOOD JOB!!!

  2. Beautiful earrings! I love learning the history of the things we still use today!

  3. Kattia,

    I love those earrings! I'll tell you one thing, the engaged couple who hires you as a planner is going to be extremely lucky to have your input. You are very good at what you do!


  4. The earrings are beautiful! I love the history of wedding traditions and customs. I even did a term research paper on it one time. It was very interesting to see all the customs around the world. I think it is fasinating how many of the traditions got started and what people believe their meaning is today (which is often wrong) - such as a white wedding dress meaning purity. Not true!

  5. Gorgeous earrings! I love them! Great post as well. It's always nice to learn something new about traditions. :)



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