Thursday, July 9, 2009

Get your wedding sponsored

Having your Wedding Sponsored Can Save you Thousands of Dollars

Author: The Wedding Sponsor

A sponsored wedding is not a new concept but a practical one. As the cost of weddings increase so does the realization of sponsorship. What does sponsorship actually mean? It can be as simple as getting a 70% discount on the purchase of invitations or as involved as a large cash injection of $10,000. So why would someone discount or for that matter give cash when they don't even know the wedding couple. It is commonly referred to as "cross promotion" where you bring on common interest partners that tastefully share in the success of your wedding day or event.

Most sponsors are looking to somehow tie their products or services in with the event itself. Like any advertiser the end product must be to heighten the awareness of the Sponsor and their level of participation in the event. Such as, if a Sponsor gave you 70% off of a service that would have cost you $1900 , the level of participation for that Sponsor is $1330 ( which is your net savings). Now the question is, how do you give that value back to the Sponsor ? This can be done in many different ways but the main objective to remember is the level of awareness the Sponsor has traded in services. Such as offering the Sponsor advertising opportunities on a web site specifically set up for the event, a combination of print and web, tie in to a press junket ( a theme pre-event gathering where press are invited ), or many other combinations. For more information on wedding sponsorship visit

About the Author:

Brian Leslie is CEO of "The Wedding Sponsors", a company which provides sponsorship services to wedding couples looking to save money on their "big day" The author of this article, Leslie, has spent many years in Film Industry as an Executive Producer specializing in cross promotion and financing.

Article Source: - Having your Wedding Sponsored Can Save you Thousands of Dollars

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