Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Online Bridal Shower

With families and friends living further apart than ever, would you consider throwing an online bridal shower? Online communication is increasingly the vehicle we choose in communicating. Why not use this vehicle to show support for a friend or family member with an online bridal showers. Think about creating an online "gathering" for bride-to-be.

While most of the time bridal showers are surprises, I feel that to make this online affair as successful as possible you should include the bride-to-be in your plans. You can incorporate the traditional elements that you are used to, like games, gifts, and talk about the couple and honeymoon.

Invitations can be sent out for an online bridal shower just as they would be normally or through email. would be a great site to use, it is one of my favorite sites for electronic invitations. Your choice of delivery is up to you, however invitations sent through the Internet or email are usually faster, easier, and free. Include information about exactly how the online bridal shower will happen and where the couple has registered for gifts. If it's necessary for attendees to sign up for a membership online, encourage them to do this ahead of time to lower the chances of potential technical difficulties on the day of the online shower.

Setting Up An Online bridal Shower

Where online would an online bridal shower be held?, I am sure that is a question in you mind. There are many online free private chat rooms that you could use for this occasion. If the couple already has a website, it might be possible to incorporate a chat room widget for the bridal shower. Skyppe is another place where you can gather all of the guests to have a shower, however all the guests would need a skyppe account which is free of course. If you create a new site you can have a page for a guestbook, link to the couple's bridal registries, photo album of the couple and any other details that the bride would want to include. The couple could choose to keep the site and post honeymoon pictures if they want.

You could have the guests send all of the gifts to the bride-to-be and advice the bride-to-be not to open them until the day of the shower. She could even take a picture of all of the gifts on all arranged to load on the website or during the chat. Have the bride-to-be describe the presents as she opens them, for all the virtual ooohs and aahs. If the host is in the same area as the bride, the host should be with the bride-to-be for the event. Buy a cake and post a picture on the website, send a recipe for a cool drink that all the guests could try. Send a document to all the guests with a game you could play together. Questions on the document would be answered in the chat room. There are many things that you could incorporate, it definitely is not an exact science.

Be Inspired to try the non-traditional!!!!!!!

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