Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fabulous Finds around the Web: SoapRehab

I am becoming very addicted to Etsy shops. So I stumbled on this site and when I looked at all the product names, I was not sure if I wanted to eat them or put them on my skin. Well the product line is from Etsy Shop Soaprehab.

SoapRehab is a shop of made-from-scratch cold process soaps, lotions and other bath and body products...time-honored methods but with a modern kick. Sara Addington, owner of SoapRehab is a licensed Esthetician committed to using natural yet effective ingredients to create products that are detergent free and paraben free. Now you can get clean and feel good about it, too. And the best part--indulging in a luscious treat for your mind, body and soul. Kick your bad soap habit and start a good one.

Their telling me to go to rehab and I say Yes! Yes! Yes!

Furthermore, I get excited about green products.... Soap Rehab is committed to using environmentally friendly ingredients and reducing waste from excessive packaging. They use only *Organic* Palm Oil from a sustainable source (to protect the orangutan habitats), NO parabens, and all my products are VEGAN. Bar soap packaging is made to be easily tossed into paper recycling bins, and all jars are PET plastic (#1) for easy recycling through your neighborhood service. We also reuse packing materials in our commitment to cut down on waste. Rehab is looking better and better.

I think that your bridesmaids will love you for treating them to a basket of products from this Etsy Shop. Create a mix of body sugars, body butters and lip balm and your bridesmaids are prepared for a day of pampering.

Wasabi Ginger is bright, green, and fresh--all the good stuff but without the bite! Notes of eucalyptus, ginger, top notes of lemon and a hint of mint make for a refreshing clean feeling.

Blackberry Lemon Drop Bath Soak--Fizzy Bath Salts
Start out with fruity blackberries, add the juice of a lemon, some sugar, and a splash of sultry vanilla and you've got a delicious recipe!

This Soap Rehab Bath Soak has a burst of fizz like a bath bomb, and contains mineral rich dead sea salts that help soften and soothe your skin for a relaxing bath experience.

Brown Sugar Pecan Bath Soak--Fizzy Bath Salts

Drool Alert! Tempt your senses with sweet, golden brown sugar and toasted pecan. A dry down of soft vanilla is irresistible. Smells a lot like the pralines I got while visiting New Orleans. Delicious. Somehow very alluring

I feel like going out for a ice cream sunday now

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