Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Favors

I like wedding favors, I always enjoy the surprise inside the beautifully wrapped boxes. But where did the idea of wedding favors come from? I always like the historical views behind the things we do , so here goes.

The wedding favor dates backs centuries to Europe. This tradition was mostly in the aristocratic families, especially in Italy and France. As we all do, Europeans considered marriage a happy and lucky affair; the married couple wanted to share this luck with their guests. Originally favors were called ‘bonbonnieres in France or Bomboniere" as it's called in Italy.
They were very fancy boxes filled with confections, that at that time only the rich could afford. These small boxes were made from metal, porcelain, precious stones, or even crystal. Most of the time the small boxes actually would contain five candies or almonds, the number of candies symbolically represented fertility, health, happiness, longevity and wealth.

We have come a long way from the original bonbonnieres. Today favors take on all shapes, styles, designs, colors and themes. Today, brides want to give favors as a token of appreciation, for the love and support they have received from family and friends. Favors can also be a way to express their individuality.

Favors can be chosen based on themes, seasons, reflection of lifestyles or hobbies. The options are limitless and span a wide range of prices.

Themed Favors
Beach/Island themes

This wine stopper is a great way to combine your theme while adding an individual connection to your love for wine.

This pineapple placecard holder is a great way to combine function with your favor. You will have a great way to display placecards and your guests will have a beautiful reminder of your wedding.

These palm tree favor boxes transform the original square favor box into a unique display adding to your wedding decor. Remember the tradition of five candies symbolizing wealth, health, longevity, happiness and fertility.

Hobby themed wedding favors

Favors are a great way to share your passions and knowledge on different topics.

Are you or your husband-to-be avid golfers or want to be.


This golf keychain is a practical gift to show off your passion.

Go for par with these tin mints

Wine Connoisseurs

These coasters would be great for a wine themed wedding.

The next time your guests are looking for a corkscrew to open up their favorite bottle of wine they will remember you fondly.

Edible Favors
There are a variety of edible favors that are beautiful and tasty.

These biscotti favors are edible and elegant.

Wedding Cake or cookie anyone?

Chocolate favors are always a big and tasty hit

"Non-favor" favors
Today in lieu of favors couples can make donations to special causes, like cancer research, diabetes, heart disease, etc. You can also make a donation in memory of a loved one. To let your guests know that you have done this you can leave special notes indicating, "in liue of a favor we have made a donation to .....". You can present the notes in variety of ways and your guests will still leave with a token from your wedding.

You could write your note in a plantable seed wedding favor

Wedding cake seed cards

As with any part of your wedding let your favors be a reflection of you.

Be inspired



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