Sunday, September 21, 2008


What is your inspiration? When planning an event inspiration could come from anywhere. It could be a color, a season, a word, a favorite travel spot. Anyone who knows me knows my favorite colors come from nature. I love the beautiful colors of fall. The oranges, greens, browns, deep reds have inspired my wardrobe, even my home decor. As we enter Fall, I thought it appropriate to share party decor ideas inspired by this season. I was recently on a website that took my breath away, it had my colors all together for what would be a bridal shower. I thought I would share with you, along with some other things to throw a spectacular event. This theme would also be appropriate for a bridesmaid's luncheon or fall brunch.


Colors can inspire not only decor but food, drinks, table settings.

I went ahead and scoured the web for some other ideas that you could add to this theme. This is what I found.

I always look forward to the favors, I especially like practical favors. Here are some favor ideas that lines up with the theme and definitely falls in the practical category:

Comes packaged with a nice "thank you" tag. Ready for guests.

As fall approaches people look forward to sitting in front of a fire with some hot chocolate and a nice book. How about a nice bookmark to go with your theme.

Here are some additional recipes for your fall inspired event.

Despite the name , this appetizer brings in the bright colors of harvest.

Who could say no to this fall dessert, the colors say it all...yummy

Inspiration it is everywhere...keep looking out for it.

For all the recipes and prices for favors, please click on the links.

Be inspired


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