Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspired by Collaborative Art

Inspiration..where do we find it. I love when I am inspired by things as well as inspiring others, hence the name of my blog. Inspiration can come visually, it can come from something you hear, a feeling or a combination of all of these.

I recently read an article written by a friend and artist, Amanda Day. Her article was entitled, Collaborative Art . I was quickly drawn in and intrigued by the title of this article. She began by writing that collaborative art is probably something all artists and crafters use in their daily creations, whether we know they know or not."

Collaborative art is the ability to enlist the ideas of others to build on a creative idea that you had. The collaboration part of this experience allows others to help build on your dreams with different ideas that help "expand your creativity and help you "think outside the box". While considering their ideas create your own masterpiece. Wow what a concept!

Although Amanda was using art as her frame of reference I thought back to my own experience as a wedding planner. I love how my job allows me to work with different vendors to create a great masterpiece, a couples wedding day. After talking to couples and hearing their vision , I build on their ideas and vendors build on my ideas and vision for the event....collaborative art. The process has a name, a very special and inspiring name. While I have always been passionate about planning weddings, I am looking at planning with a whole new perspective.

If you are planning your own wedding, I think it would be great to take a look at Amanda's article. Her ideas sound very much like a wedding plan, of course there are some others pieces that you will need to include. However, the creative aspect of your wedding will indeed benefit from collaborative art.

I leave this line from the article with you, it is my favorite and most memorable part; "Remember, though, this is your creation, so if it doesn't go exactly step by step, then, well, you've probably created a better piece of work because of it! Have fun and be inventive"

Thank you Amanda for inspiring me this week.


  1. OMG this is such a wonderful post, and I am so incredibly happy that my article was inspiring to you!!! What a great way to look at it too - so true! I didn't even think about it in that sense when I wrote the article - see it comes full circle! That's why I love building ideas off of one another :)

  2. GREAT post! Collaborative art... engaging in mastermind groups for the highest good of all concerned... how incredible our world would be if all did this! *Applause!*



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