Tuesday, October 20, 2009

REAL Wedding: Bridesmaids Bouquets

In an effort to save money on wedding decor some brides might opt to enlist some fake items, it could be flowers, fruit or other items. Brides may opt to use fake bouquets because they want to save money or feel it is a viable "green" alternative. Well there are two issues that arise from using fake flowers, sometimes the colors chosen are so far from the natural color that your bouquets become very unattractive and have a "cheap look" to it. I have seen very realistic silk bouquets, that cause you to take a second look. They are indeed very nice and alot of work goes into them, however the price ends up being the same if not more that the cost of a bouquet with real flowers.

If the issue is saving money, then possibly you could have your ladies carry flowers that make an impact. Calla lilies do very well standing on their own, possibly two Calla Lillies hand tied with a organza or satin ribbon. When considering a single flower bouquet you must get flowers with strong stems. My personal favorite is the Gerbera daisy, it comes in fabulous colors perfect for a garden wedding.

Try smaller bouquets, less flowers, less money. If you have "green" in mind and are worried about the impact of transportation find a florist that will use locally grown flowers.

For DIY bouquets try wholesale flower shops. You will need to make sure you have a place to store the flowers so they stay fresh, like a refrigerator. However this option will help you save money and you get the benefit of real flowers. Also, with this option I don't believe you have to mention that you are getting married. Weddings are big business and the mere mention may bump up the price of your flowers, so mums the word.

For centerpieces you could try potted plants, go to local nursery. Maybe you could go to the really unassuming nursery and be pleasantly surprised by what you find. I have a local "nursery" near my home. She sets up from spring to late fall in a parking lot adjacent to a store. She has a great selection of flowers at really fabulous prices comparing to other nurseries. Try thinking seasonal, Mums for a fall wedding or tulips for a spring wedding. Possibly spend the money on really nice pots. You can also paint the pots, try a white or cream color with gold paint lightly applied with a sponge. For a rustic look stick with the Terra cotta pots with an organza ribbon tied around them. You can also cover them in moss and then add the ribbon.

Alternatives to flowers for Bridesmaids

Clutch - Maybe you could try a really nice clutch which will serve as your gift to your bridesmaids as well as a unique item to carry down the aisle.

This Etsy seller has loads of style packed into her shop and a great discounts for wedding parties. Get 5 bridesmaids bouquets for $325.00. When you consider that this will cover your budget for bridesmaids gifts and flowers, you have to agree this is a great deal.


Parasols would be great for beach weddings , Asian theme weddings, outdoor ceremonies. The come in a variety of colors and make an impact. There are many places that you could get parasols, the ones below were found at Pamela's parasols. You can also try Cultural Intrigue for a wholesale option.

Explore your options make them your own and be inspired by Real beauty!!!

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