Thursday, October 29, 2009

Favor by Color

I like to introduce another wedding resource tool that will facilitate your wedding planning process. On this site favors can be chosen based on color, themes, seasons. The options are limitless and span a wide range of prices.

Favors by Color is a company that has been created to make a bride's or planner's search for favors and easy one. They have categorized favors by colors and seasons. The site is extremely user friendly and will take the stress out of searching for favors.

Kelley McConnell owner of Favors by Color shares her inspiration for this innovative company:

"While taking a wedding planning class, one thing I noticed was that brides know their colors very early on. And it was time consuming to go through every page of several websites looking for wedding favors and gifts while knowing I was looking for a particular color or color combination." said owner Kelley McConnell. "I thought it would be so much easier if there was a website dedicated to displaying wedding favors by color so the bride and I could easily find favors and gift options in her colors."

Favor by Color offers samples on most items, just send a request to and they will get it ordered for you. Most gifts and favors come pre-packaged in an attractive box, but if a bride would like any item gift wrapped, Favors By Color can take care of it! Just make pre-arrangements by calling 877-434-2664 .

For more information on the history and choosing your wedding favors check out this post

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