Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Handling an emergency in style

Last week I covered having an bridal emergency kit. A few days later I had the wonderful opportunity to network with Jackie of Mojuba Wedding. She has taken the the bridal emergency kit to another level and has even remembered the groom with her Groom Mojuba™.

Mojuba began with a simple mission: to help brides and grooms experience a magnificent, memorable, stress-free wedding. I love to promote anything that will take stress off a bride's shoulders.

The Bride Mojuba bridal kit is filled with wonderful products to alleviate those unexpected emergencies on you wedding day. The Mojuba kit is as it is defined "a bag of magic that brings joy and happiness" , a bride who is stress free is a happy bride. I could not take away from or add to the magnificent description of this product on the Mojuba website:

"Bride Mojuba is a collection of last-minute items that brides need-but didn’t know they needed-on their wedding day. Bride Mojuba™ is a sophisticated, chic bag that unfolds to reveal one exquisite item after another, from essential everyday items to indulgent necessities for the bride and her bridal party.

It has a built-in mirror and is easy to throw over a shoulder or carry on the arm. Also tucked inside each Bride Mojuba™ bag is a little something to make you smile: a thoughtful, unique gift from Jackie herself.
Usually handcrafted and discovered during her travels, the items are distinct and ever-changing, but always reflect the idea of Mojuba-of praise, tribute, and a beautiful journey beginning on the wedding day and continuing long thereafter.

Whether bought to ease the stress of their own wedding day or given as a gift, brides across the country can breathe a sigh of relief-Mojuba Wedding will prepare them for the unexpected on their wedding day

The Mojuba™ Bride and Groom kits are filled with names like L’Occitane®,Ms. Manicure®, Colgate®, Kodak®, quality has not be sacrificed in creating this magnificent product. Please visit Mojuba Wedding to purchase this great bridal kit for yourself or a bride to be.



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