Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Choosing a Wedding Officiant

The values shared in your relationship should be reflected in your wedding. Choosing the right officiant is an important part of planning your wedding. Finding an officiant that will understand your personalities and needs will be important in creating a special ceremony. If you and your fiance are currently active members of a church community, finding an officiant will not be a difficult. You may have grown up in this church or have been a member for a very long time and there is no question that this clergy member will be your officiant.

If this is not the case your shared ideals will help you choose the wedding officiant that is right for you. Remembering that this is the most sacred part of the wedding day, the act of bringing together at the altar cannot be left to just anyone.

Here are the different types of wedding ceremonies that you may have. Deciding what type of ceremony you want to have will help you choose the right Wedding Officiant:

Religious: If you and your partner share a common religious background or want to raise your children in a particular faith, this is probably the best choice for you.

Secular: If you're not particularly religious and you want to incorporate a lot of personal elements into your wedding ceremony, a secular ceremony will work best for you.

Interfaith: If you both come from different religious backgrounds, incorporate both into your ceremony, but make sure that your faith permits it. Options for an interfaith wedding are nondenominational minister who can incorporate elements of both religions into the ceremony, or two officiants who will do the ceremony together.

Check here to see questions to ask on your first phone call:

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