Friday, April 30, 2010

3 Money Saving Reception Tips

The reception is the biggest chunk of your wedding budget; cutting back on some the items or the type of reception you have may help you save money. Celebrating your marriage is wonderful, gathering with family and friends does not mean being in debt for the next 10 years. Here are some tips that you may not considered on your path down the aisle:

1. A Breakfast or Brunch Receptions

This would be great for a morning wedding. A breakfast or brunch wedding will be cheaper than an evening reception. The menu will include lighter foods and your guests will definitely consume less alcohol in the morning. Serving a mimosa or punch will be sufficient. Foods that you will find at a brunch will be breakfast classics like quiche, frittata, and eggs benedict. Having stations will be great for the guests to get made to order omelets, french toast or pancakes. Maybe instead of a specialty drink, you could include a specialty coffee.
Here are some inexpensive favor ideas for this type of reception:

Sold in sets of 6 this “Gra-TEA-Tude” Tea Box with Tea Bag Kit will be a great thank you for your guests. If you purchase 12 - 23 sets which will yield 72 - 138 favors you will spend $1.80 per favor.

“Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea-Bag Caddy in Black & White Serving-Tray Gift Box

This a unique thank you and practical too. Buying 24-47 favor will be $2.15 per favor.

2. A Dessert reception or Cake and Punch reception

This could also be held in the afternoon possibly in a garden setting. Serve various cakes and desserts and offer champaign, punch, or soft drinks. This will not be a long reception and will simply give the couple a chance to greet and thank their guests. This is even less expensive than a Breakfast/Brunch reception. This may not be a good reception for couples whose family and friends are used to more during weddings.

Here is a favor idea:

“Let's Celebrate!” Champagne Flute Gel Candle (Set of 4)

3. Cocktail Reception

This type of reception will also be a meet and greet type reception. You can have a selection of hors d'ouvers that are passed around or simply beautifully displayed at various tables. This might be good when you are looking at space issues; sometimes venues will give you the capacity of person allowed in a room based on the type of set up you will have. Your guests might drink more at a cocktail reception to try planning for a specialty drink.

Razzle Dazzle” Raspberry Iced Tea Mix (set of 6) Drink Mix


  1. These are really good suggestions and I know that this will help the budget of the couples. Thanks so much for these ideas.

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