Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Weddings 2011: Green Centerpiece Ideas

The Best Green Centerpiece Ideas

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life, but there are so many details to attend to that it can seem a bit overwhelming. One of the details that shows off your style the most is the type of centerpieces you use at the reception. Not only should they say something about you and your new spouse, but they should also be beautiful pieces your guests actually want to win and take home with them. Most brides plan some kind of giveaway with the centerpieces at each table, so opt for something with a classic elegance.

One of the most popular trends in centerpieces now is to go green with your centerpieces. If the rest of your wedding is eco-friendly, then it’s best not to skimp on the centerpieces at the reception hall.

Earthy and Green Centerpiece Choices

One of the simplest ways to incorporate green options into your centerpieces is to use candles made from an organic material like beeswax. Beeswax smells amazing, and by promoting organic materials in candles, you avoid all the petroleum products that are usually used in the manufacture of candles. If you can find locally made beeswax candles, it’s even better.
Another option (and sometimes the most expensive one) is to find a florist who specializes in locally grown, organic flowers. Most florists don’t pay much attention to what happens to their flowers before they receive them. They just want full color blooms that take your breath away.
It’s important to look for locally grown flowers first because you’re reducing your carbon footprint by not purchasing flowers that have been transported. Organic is important because it means you are not supporting the use of pesticides on flowers. Nature was turning out beautiful flowers before we ever started using pesticides, so there isn’t much reason to support their use now.
If you aren’t particularly interested in floral arrangements, then you could always opt for centerpieces made from organic, locally grown fruit. This is the perfect idea for fall weddings when harvest is often the theme of gatherings. Also harvest time means that local fruit is in season, which means additional points in the eco-friendly category.

Truly Green Centerpieces

There are also many green options for those who have chosen the color green as one of their themes. Green is a great color for spring weddings because it not only symbolizes new life, but also pays homage to all of the greenery that starts appearing during the spring season.

Wheat grass makes for a very simple and usually inexpensive centerpiece option. It offers simplicity while still showing off your eco-conscious lifestyle. Moss orbs are also very fashionable and provide a simplistic, yet elegant way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside your reception hall.

Guest post by Rebecca Parker from The Wedding Planning Guides, a site dedicated to sharing practical (but fun) advice to brides and grooms throughout the ups and downs of wedding planning.


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