Sunday, January 18, 2009

Green Weddings Part 1: The Dress

Living in a new environmentally conscious age, we try to incorporate being "green" in every part of our life. How can you create a "green" wedding? Now if you have not currently pursued green alternatives, the idea of introducing "green" elements on your special day might be scary. Fear not for going green is not only easy but it is elegant and affordable.

Wedding Dress

An eco-friendly wedding dress should be made of sustainable materials. There are many choices for wedding dress fabrics which include cotton, peace silk, hemp, bamboo, lyocell, soy and milk. Various styles can be found on the Internet and various wedding publications.

by Threadhead Creations

The above dress is made from Floral Hemp and Silk, with 100% silk lining. This dress features a low cut sweetheart neckline that plunges to the empire waistline. The bodice is gathered under the bust for a flattering fit. The elegant low cut back is accented with a charmeuse drape. The skirt portion of this dress is fitted through the hips then flares at the hem, ending in a sweep train. Fully Lined. Back zipper.

Designers like Adele Wechsler and Jessica Iverson with her Terra Amore line have combined couture with eco-friendly materials. Jessica Iverson's line consist of earth friendly silk fabrics. They are vegan friendly and uses eco-friendly dyes. 100% sweatshop free. The company also plants a tree for every purchase made.

Adele Wechsler Hello Africa

Adele Wechsler Sunray

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You can also make an eco-friendly decision to purchase a gently used gown instead of buying a new one. You can visit local consignment stores and organizations, vintage boutiques that can also be found online. Choosing to wear your mother's or grandmother's gown is another eco-friendly decision.

What makes a dress eco-friendly?

Choosing an eco-friendly wedding dress consist of finding a dress that is made from natural and organic fibers that are not animal byproducts. Dress that has been made using eco-friendly options, such as eco-friendly dyes. A dress that uses recycled fabrics will qualify as an eco-friendly dress. Or simply your dress can be reused.

Sustainable, recycled and reused are characteristics to look for when shopping for a "green" wedding dress.

Be Inspired to make earth friendly decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi..all these wedding dresses look marvelous and yet they serve to be Eco friendly! I think people should get aware of all these facts and start making use of only Eco friendly products in their day today life too!

  2. I totally agree, I think after all this time there is still a misunderstanding about what going "green" is. Thank you for your comment.

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