Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Green Weddings Part 4: Eco friendly jewelry

So we covered eco-friendly wedding dresses, invitations, receptions and ceremonies. Did you know that your jewelry can be eco-friendly too. According to the production of one gold ring produces 20 tons of mine waste. That can't be very good. The waste can contaminate drinking water, destroy traditional livelihoods, and displaces indigenous communities.

Diamond jewelry can come from conflict plagued areas, where war and smuggling surround the diamond trade.

To buy eco-friendly jewelry look for websites and retailers that specify an eco-friendly process for their jewelry. They should have a mission to provide ecologically and socially responsible jewelry alternatives.

GreenKarat is committed to offering alternatives by using recycled precious metals in jewelry.

GreenKarat, canary

CredJewelry aims to source all its precious metals and gem stones from small-scale artisan mining communities that have a concern for the biodiversity of their local region. They have a policy in place to help ensure that they have eco-friendly jewelry. In order to achieve this we aim to fulfil the following criteria with our primary source partners.

Sumiche Jewelry Company offers both recycled and sustainably mined, fair trade gold and platinum, recycled silver, conflict free diamonds and certified Canadian Goose diamonds and fair trade gems.

If you are looking for something unique as well as eco-friendly take a look at Touch Wood Rings they are a socially just and environmentally sustainable alternative to precious metals and gemstones. David's wooden rings are meticulously hand crafted, durable, warm to the touch & light to wear. Even in their use of wood they consider their environment by using birch bark which is discarded after the tree has been used for paper production and bamboo which matures in 6 to 7 years.

Remember the policy in eco-friendly living is Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Keep the three "r's" in mind when planning your big event. Be inspired to protect our environment.

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