Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Adult Only"

Various circumstances might prevent you from inviting children to your wedding. Budgetary restrictions, space restrictions, venue restrictions or simply your preference to have an adult only reception. This is a very touchy subject and you should approach it very delicately. So the question remains, how do you let you guests know that you are having an "adult only" reception without hurting any feelings. The person that I turn to with an etiquette dilemma such as this one is Emily Post. For Emily putting "Adult Only" on a wedding invite is definitely an etiquette don't. They way to let guests know about an "Adult Only" reception is in the way that you address your invitation.

The outer envelope should be addressed to Mr & Mrs. Smith. The inner envelope should have their names Joan and James. If you were inviting their children , at this time you would also take the opportunity to write the children's names on the inner envelope.

You should consider guests with children who are coming from out of town. If you will not make a exception for these guests, be prepared to provide babysitting information for them.

You may encounter some guests who will decide to bring their children anyway. If you hear of this before the event, you should place a call to the guests and politely explain that while you would enjoy having their children at your reception you and your fiance have agreed on an "Adult Only" reception. Explain to them any restrictions that have led you to your decision.

Today more and more couples are building wedding websites, you can use this platform to inform your guests of an "Adult Only" reception.

If you have not decided whether or not you want children at your wedding you should consider some aspects of your life. If you come from a large family where children have always been a part of family events, you may want to consider if inviting children will extend your family traditions. How much fun it will be to watch kids on your wedding video dancing and having fun? How much will it mean to have them there? If your budget allows, you can talk to the venue to see if their is an adjacent room that can be used to hosts the children. Provide the children with kid-friendly meals and provide some entertainment.

Some entertainment options are: Character shows, clown to make balloon animals & hats, Magician, face painter, caricature artist to draw cartoon characters of the children to take home as a memento of your special day. You can hire some babysitters for the event to keep the children entertained. Planning all the small details will make a reception with children work.

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