Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wedding Day Makeup: Spotlight on Makeup Designs by Candace

You work so hard to make sure that your wedding day turns out great. You have chosen the perfect venue, the beautiful flowers and a gorgeous dress. Don't overlook your makeup. You are always beautiful, however this day calls for an extra look. It is not just your everyday makeup routine and considering a make-up artist should be worked into your budget.

Once again I have had the privilege of networking with a great professional passionate about her work. Candace Gibbs of Makeup Designs by Candace in Kew Garden, NY has written an article to share her expertise on wedding day looks.

Bridal Makeup

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life and probably the only day in your life that you will be photographed like a celebrity. Therefore one would assume that your makeup design would be equally important.
One of the biggest mistakes that many blushing brides make with bridal makeup is choosing a look that is very far fetched from their normal everyday look and personality. I am not saying at all that you should be very plain or made under, however you shouldn’t transform into someone you don’t recognize in the mirror. Bridal makeup should look like you only more enhanced and glamorous, which is why picking the right makeup artist is very important.

When choosing a makeup artist it is important that the cost is obviously in your price range being that it can vary from $75-3,000 depending on different factors. Once you have established a price range that fits your budget, you can begin looking. After you’ve found a few makeup artists that you might like to work with you should set up some kind of initial contact meeting, which can just be having coffee at Starbucks or a long phone conversation. This meeting is important as it enables you to introduce yourself to the artist and for the artist to learn details about your wedding. The makeup artist may be interested in knowing your likes and dislikes with makeup as well as specific details about the wedding including design of your dress, jewelry, hairstyle, flower colors, bridesmaids dresses etc. This will give the makeup artist a clearer picture of your personal style, which will enable them to develop an individualized makeup design for you.

After choosing your makeup artist, the next step is your trial makeup session. The purpose of this session is to try out different makeup looks and decide on a definitive wedding look. This session could cost you anywhere between $50 or a percent of your total fee. Generally, the makeup artist will suggest that you wear the makeup all day and if possible go out and dance so you can see if the makeup will last all night. You might also want to take a picture right after having the makeup done and later on that evening. Let the makeup artist know if you had any reactions to products or if you just didn’t like how the makeup held up on you throughout the night.

It is very important to have a good relationship with your makeup artist and keep them informed of any changes about hair color or cut and if you plan to tan either naturally, with self-tanners or via tanning salon. These things may affect your makeup design, so inform your makeup right away to decide if changes should be made.
On the big day set aside 2-3 hours to have your makeup done. I know it may sound like a lot, however, that will be a busy day and perfection doesn’t always come easy. You also want to make sure you have extra time for any last minute changes that come up.

So that’s it girls, picking the right makeup artist is the hardest part of having your makeup done for your wedding! So reserve the right to be picky, ask lots of questions and don’t transform into some unidentified person and you’ll be fine. Good Luck!

Candance Gibbs
Makeup Designs by Candace
Kew Gardens, NY

Be inspired to create a great look for your wedding. Hire a professional.


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