Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Great Venues: Part 1

The word venue derives from the Latin venire (to come), and implies a place that people come to. Your wedding venue will be the place that your guests come to; your venue will also set the tone for your event.

You have sent out the invitations, picked the favors, selected your flowers. Let it all come together in a great venue. Here is a list of great venues in the NYC area

This is one of my favorites, and I have written it down as one of the locations I can't wait to plan an event in.

Gotham Hall

Formerly the Greenwich Savings Bank headquarters the walls of this awesome venue still expose inscriptions on the granite walls of Gotham Hall. Words of success through wisdom and commerce echo through the halls of this building. Through the vision of veteran caterer Simon Auerbacher this former Bank was re purposed to serve as one of New York City’s most prominent and prestigious social, corporate, and non-profit event venues.

Broad Street Ballroom

Yet another bank to serve the greater good of brides, The Broad Street Ballroom is a great and interesting venue. 37-41 Broad Street was constructed in 1928-29 as the Headquarters of the Lee-Higginson Bank and is recognized today as "the most impressible building on Broad Street." As the headquarters of an important investment bank, the building is directly associated with the growth of the Lower Manhattan financial district and the U.S. financial services industry. The building embodies characteristics of the austere late 1920's Classical Revival style office building. The Broad Street ballroom exhibits the characteristics of the Classical Revival style; it is symmetrically organized with classically derived details that are stately and proper (non-whimsical) in composition.

The Foundry

This is another of my favorite spaces and has made it on my list of "must plan an event in". I love the uniqueness of this space and I could only imaging the joy in my heart dressing it to become a wedding venue. Filling each foot of this very unconventional space. A 19th Century Foundry, meticulously restored to retain its industrial character. Stunning proportions, adaptable to many uses.

Oheka Castle

A bride might be dreaming of a fairytale wedding, there is no better start to a fairytale than a grand castle. It is simply grand and the grounds are an excellent background for wedding photos. Gary Melius introduces OHEKA Castle. When he first saw OHEKA back in 1984, in its dilapidated state, he had a vision for what it could be. A vision to return it to its 1920's splendor. With that vision he created a spectacular venue with a great historic significance to America and the Gold Coast of Long Island.

Be Inspired by the uniqueness of your venue.


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