Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fabulous Finds around the Web

I love when I come across unique finds on the web. Just the name of this Etsy shop makes you want to take a peek, Wine Coutures. I was also excited to discover that all of the wine charms and wine bottle necklaces were made from made from 50% to 90% recycled materials. I view the world through "wedding colored glasses" so everything I come across becomes a wedding related item; whether in inspiration or actual function. This is what happened with Wedding Coutures, my mind started racing at all the possible ways that these beautiful wine glass charms and wine bottle charms could be incorporated in your wedding.

The first function to me was decor. Adding a little bling to the wine bottles that will be used at your wedding reception or pre-wedding parties would be great.

Wedding favors

Maybe you are having a wine theme to your wedding. A set of two wine charms wrapped in a nice box would make a great wine themed favor. Possibly a different set for every guests, this will allow for Wine Coutures to continue her philosophy of eco-friendly wine charms.

Bridal party gifts

Do you have a wine connoisseur in your bridal party? A set of these wine charms would be great, maybe even a set of wine charms with a wine bottle necklaces. Maybe you have an old damaged pearl necklace that belonged to your Grandma, Michelle the creative owner of Wine Connoisseur, would be happy to work with your to create a custom order. This would make a nice gift for mom. Presenting a bottle of wine to your bridal party, dress it up a little. Ask your bridemaids to bring any broken jewelry, earrings that are missing a pair, broken beads (don't let them know why you need them) and have Michelle make them into wine glass charms or wine bottle necklaces, I love personalized gifts.

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  1. I've never heard of wine bottle necklaces before! Such an interesting concept, and very unique too!

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