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Outside of the bride, the wedding cake will probably get a lot of attention. For some brides it is more than just the dessert served after dinner with coffee and tea; it is has to be a show stopper. Knowing how to choose the right cake for you is another important must in wedding planning. Remember that this is another extension of personalizing your wedding so take time to search for what you really want.

When is your wedding?

Why should the date matter? Well all wedding cakes are not created equal in terms of their ability to survive certain temperature conditions. Wedding cakes can be covered in a variety of icings, however not all will sustain the heat during summer months. Make sure to speak to your baker about the best choice for you. You would not want your cake wilting as your guest arrive.

How big will the cake be?

When meeting with your baker you should provide the number of guests that will be presents. This information will help the baker decide if the cake you have in mind is too small or too big for your occasion. Sometimes that will not matter too you if you are going for a particular look, however budget wise is does not make sense to pay for more cake than you need, just for looks. Your baker should be able to work with you to create a cake that meets your visual requirements as well as your guest’s servings. Keep in mind that most bakers charge per slice.

What's your flavor or color?

There are limitless possibilities on the flavors that you could have for your wedding. While traditionally cakes have been white, many couples are choosing cakes that match there overall d├ęcor. With cakes that have different tiers you could even have all of your favorite flavors.

DIY or bakery?

As a planner I do not usually recommend DIY unless you are a professional baker. Not to mention that with all the stress of planning, adding this to your list of things to do is not advisable. Even a family member who has the best intentions if not professionally trained can yield unfavorable results. This is such a prominent part of your wedding that the idea of Aunt Betty’s cake leaning slightly to one side is not very appealing. Money savings might be your goal, one lesson that I have learned is value or economy. The economic end of a DIY cake might yield some savings. However, the idea of the DIY cake not being delivered or not coming out to your liking may not be the most valuable experience for you.

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Extra Tips

o Cake should be ordered 6-8 weeks in advance. Unless you are ordering from a very popular baker and/or require a lot of details, in this case you should even consider 6 – 12 months.
o Carry swatches, pictures, etc. to help present your vision to the baker
o Get the details in writing! Find out the details about delivery, set up and any additional cost

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  1. Thank you for the tips! Me and my fiance will be wed at Denver. Wedding reception will be the most busy part - specially preparing for it. Your blog made me decide that I'll do everything myself, that way it will be more special! We'll be doing the reception in an open garden. Good thing weather's good at Denver. Wedding receptions will be busy but I can also tell it will be fun so I'll do my best to plan it. Thanks again

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  3. Monica, I am so glad that you were inspired by my blog, thank you for stopping by.

    Sonica, thank you for your compliment



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