Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding giveaway

Long are the days of throwing rice at couples as they depart from the church. New Eco-friendly options are available (i.e bubbles, biodegradable confetti).

The Kansas City Etsy team is hosting a giveaway of Wedding 50 Hand Rolled Wedding Ceremony / Reception Exit Sendoff Streamers with Finger Loops. I have never seen these before, however my minds eye envisioned a great photo opt with all of the streamers in mid air. i love when guests say "This is so unique, I have never seen this before". Christina of Extravagant Exits, has indeed created an extravagant exit with these ceremony streamers. I will definitely keep this product in my file for future brides

Check out the Kansas City Etsy blog for more details on this giveaway. The giveaway will run January 4th through January 10th. Also visit Christina and her Etsy shop for more Extravagant Exits.

Be Inspired by an Extravagant Exit at your wedding

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  1. Well you can use the gum at the honeymoon!!




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