Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Music in your Wedding

I hope that this blog is crossing continents with its content.. with that said I would like to introduce Freak Music Wedding band Specialist specializing with musical entertainment in the UK. Their advice for using music to set the mood in your wedding however offers international help to brides.

Here Freak Music shares some tips:

A key ingredient in any successful wedding is the atmosphere, and there are many things a bride and her groom can do to make sure that they establish exactly the mood and tone that they want at their wedding. From solemn religious occasions to tradition-busting YouTube weddings, the decisions made regarding items like decorations, flowers, table settings, food and music will affect how your guests behave and remember your wedding.

Choose A Mood...

Without a clear idea of what they want their wedding to be like, many brides find themselves awash in a sea of numerous, complex choices. Therefore, the first step to take when planning a wedding is to make a conscious decision about the mood and atmosphere guests should experience upon arriving at the occasion. Formal weddings, theme weddings and informal wedding celebrations are all equally valid, and the ideas behind each of these endeavors can be established during the ceremony then brought through to influence the tone of the reception, as well.

Using Music to Establish Atmosphere...

Church weddings often include formal organ music, but what about after the ceremony? With dozens of wedding bands to choose from, couples are often overwhelmed. Some find themselves turning to friends and family members to provide musical entertainment, while others wish to hire professional wedding bands to make sure their guests enjoy a night of dancing and merriment after the wedding ceremony is complete. A professional wedding band should be able to adapt their regular set list to the requests of the bride and groom, and should have a full grasp of the way a new couple wishes to celebrate their special day. By working with the wedding band prior to the celebration, couples can establish the kind of music they want: classic, romantic oldies, new chart-topping hits, or special genres in keeping with the bride and groom’s themed interests!

Plan Ahead...

Although there is plenty of room to tailor general wedding possibilities to a specific occasion or crowd, perfecting the atmosphere at a wedding requires whoever is in charge of planning it – whether it be a professional planner or the happy couple – be clear and reasonable about their desires throughout the planning stages. Finally, once plans are complete, it’s important that the guests of honor – be able to let go, sit back and enjoy their day. Nothing spoils the perfect wedding more than a grumpy bride or groom!

Submitted by Freak Music Wedding band specialists

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