Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wedding Cake Stands with flair

Your wedding cake is one accessory your guest will be sure to noticed. Whether because of its simple beauty or its dramatic presence, guest will be talking about your cake. What about the presentation? Have you considered what the cake stand will look like? Cindy owns Fabulous Cake Stands Her cake stands stand tall on their own and with a beautiful wedding cake it would make a wow statement. They can be customized so no one stand will ever be the same.When I saw these cake stands on Etsy, I reached out to Cindy to ask if I could feature her stands on Inspired.

Here is a past interview that she shared with us.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Living in a city rich with history like New Orleans. Inspiration seems to be hard to avoid. In fact, I have enough ideas to last a lifetime! Specifically, I find inspiration everywhere, the architecture, gardens, nature and even the names of the streets inspire me. Right now, Mardi Gras has put an entire collection of new stands in my head!

After what elements in a wedding can you design a cake stand?

There are so many elements of a wedding that can inspire a stand, the wedding dress, flowers, the general theme of the wedding all can be taken into consideration. We even offer hand-painted designs for a more custom stand. For example, a stand featuring beautiful hand-painted monograms would be lovely as well as an heirloom to cherish.

How can we rent one of your beautiful cake stands?

Visit my website at: www.fabulousweddingcakestands .com and fill out a rental request form or contact me via phone or email. 504-362-3980,

Can we purchase a cake stand? Absolutely!

Our stands are built to last a lifetime. Designed to be used not just for weddings, a Fabulous Wedding Cake Stand is not an element of your wedding that would need to be put away in the attic. I've also created a line of embellishments for certain stands to render the stands much more versatile, butterflies, flowers, fleur-de-lis, etc. The embellishments will give the stand a totally different look. Future designs for embellishments will include designs suitable for all holidays. The stand that your wedding cake was placed on can be a part of all of your celebrations, how cool is that?

How long have you been designing?

A very long time! As a decorative artist for 30+ years I have worked with some of the south's most talented designers executing painted finishes, murals and custom artwork. I've also worked in collaboration with Wedding Cakes Across America when they had a partnership with David's Bridal, designing wedding cakes to match bridal dresses. In addition, I have years of experience as a floral designer. So design and weddings have been a part of my life for a very long time.

How can Couples contact you?

504-362-3980 call and leave a message or email me @

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Thank you Cindy for being inspired to create such beautiful stands.



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