Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to make your wedding personal

Design a wedding that is completely and utterly yours - Colin Cowie

All of the events that you plan are special and deserve personal touches that make your guest say wow. Your wedding is one of the biggest of all of the events that you will plan as a couple, let the small details reflect you in a big way.

Your personalization could start as early as save the dates or invitations. Traditional invitations are always beautiful, however unique invitations can help add a personal touch. Do you both share a common interest? Make that be your beginning point in personalizing your wedding.


You cant get more unique than these film roll wedding invitations. Buy film rolls and follow instructions to make these wedding invites that will have your guest saying wow.

What do you do with all that film?

Use photos of yourselves in unique frames as your centerpieces or to decorate your seating card table

Is travel a common interest you share with your future spouse?  Then why not personalize with a travel theme.  This theme will of course be perfect for a destination wedding, however since there are no hard and fast rules in planning YOUR wedding use it to reveal a part of you both as a couple.

This is a wonderful invite from Meant to be Sent an Etsy shop (I love Etsy)

When it comes to travel themed wedding centerpieces the world is at your fingertips (sorry I could resist).  There really is no limit to the direction you can take with your centerpieces.  I have a friend who instead if table numbers she used different states.  Each state represented places they had been to together or wanted to go to.  

You can use globes, books, maps, small suitcases.  Look up airport abbreviations and use them instead of table numbers.  Here are a couple if ideas for your travel theme centerpieces

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

Picture credit: Hazelnut Photography

Be Inspired by your world and make it personal


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