Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hot wedding trends for 2014

If you are a fashion aficionado, checking on runway reports and new trends keeps you in the know and in style.   this is no different for the bride to be.

As a bride you might already have your mind set on the type of dress you want, or you might not have a clue where to start. Checking out up and coming trends can help you no matter what position you find yourself in.   You will be able to look at different styles and possibly find your dream designer.

For 2014 we are finding streamline silhouettes, crisscross backs, ankle lengths and my favorite trend Ombré. 

Streamline Silhouettes

Simply described these dresses are made for the modern bride.   Sleek, modern and sophisticated. This style is free of intricate details and built on straight lines.   here are some looks from Amsale.

Crisscross Backs

This style brings stylish design to a part of your dress that will be a focal point for at least part of your nuptials.  It will bring drama to your dress and allow you to play with various up do's ( you won't want to cover up this dramatic presentation). Here is a crisscross style from Temperly bridal.

Ankle length 

As with many fashion trends the 50's ankle length or tea length style has made a comeback. The tea length dress is a dress of varying styles of top that falls to between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf.  From Audrey Hepburn in a dress designed by the fashion house of Balmain to runway looks by Marchesa and Monique Lhuillier this is a great style for vintage or garden weddings.


Ombre is having colors or tones that shade into each other. This trend is popular in many areas of fashion and beauty. I am a fan of Ombre wedding cake I just love to see them. Ombre wedding dresses bring a fun colorful look to your wedding dress and your are not limited by the style of your dress. The Ombre look can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want. Monique Lhuillier brings the Ombre design to many of her evening gowns, now she brings this to her wedding dress line for 2014. Kelly Faetanini brought this Ombre style to her wedding dress line as well with a little more of a dramatic flair.

Subtle - Monique LHuillier

Dramatic- Kelly Faetanini

Be Inspired by wedding trends


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