Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tools for the tech savvy Bride

In this fast paced world, we try to find ways to make our workloads easier. This includes our smart phones, PDA's, and any software that help to keeps us organized. So I went in search of technical innovations to help the tech savvy modern couple. Here is what I found and some of my suggestions:

USB drives are a must for modern marriage research, and the Transcend Jet Flash V90 is the perfect wedding planning companion. The gorgeous mother of pearl casing contains just about 2gigabytes, which gives you plenty of safe storage for bachelorette party photos, wedding dress photos, potential first dance ballads, etc. It saves space on your computer and they are portable.

Transcend Jet Flash

Check out this flash drive from ScanDisk

Before the wedding there are many pre-wedding events to attend. What is a busy girl to do when she has no time for shopping for all these special outfits?.....MVM.com. My Virtual Model Community is a site that allows you to create a virtual person and shop for styles, possibly late at night when all of your days activities have come to a close.

If you are not working with an event planner I would suggest investing in a Wedding planning software. There are many on the market, they will help you keep your guests list organize, keep track of RSVP's, table seating charts, and much more.

Getting five star reviews is I Do Couples Edition

Following close behind is My Wedding

For a list of reviews and comparisons click here.

One last suggestion....get a separate email for your wedding. I would highly recommend signing up for a separate email address. You will be joining many wedding sites, going to bridal expos, meeting with many vendors...opening another website will help you manage all of these emails and prevent your current email from getting overwhelmed.


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