Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Groom's Attire

So much of wedding planning surrounds and focuses on the bride. I want to take some time to focus on the groom, the suit options available for the groom go beyond a regular dark tuxedo.

This suit is perfect for a formal evening wedding. Navy blue linen suit is not quite a tuxedo but brings formality through its color and accessories. Color is also brought in with the tie and vest. As you can see the way the necktie is tied also adds to the formality of the attire.

Bouquet Bridal Collection

I really like the look of this suit. There are different cuts that you will find in suit making. This particular suit would be considered a European cut and I really love European cuts. The European cut tapers at the waist, for a trim, fit look. This suit style would really be great in any degree of formality. Accessories and color choices will change the look of the suit to meet your wedding style, (for example this suit in a tan color would work best for a morning or afternoon wedding, indoors or outdoors). I must warn you, you and your groomsmen should be in relatively good shape, OK actually you should make sure you are trim and fit and not planning to gain weight.

For a beach wedding there is no better look than that of linen, most particularly in a light color. It is airy and light, it exudes breezy elegance. It's loose fit does not always require traditional tailoring. There are different types of linen some heavier than others, for a beach wedding you might want to lean towards the lighter version, possibly an Italian linen.

Photo courtesy of Red Ribbon Studio

This suit would be great for an afternoon wedding indoor or outdoors. It is an elegant cross between casual and formal. The grey color also gives you a different option to the black tuxedo.

Photo courtesy of Red Ribbon Studio

Inspiring ideas for grooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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