Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding Inspiration Boards

Okay, if you have read past post you know that I am in love with Fall and all the colors that accompany this glorious season. I know that is still weeks away but why wait. Now as with anything that we love, we want to make it last a long time. For the next few weeks I will be starting the week off with inspiration boards inspired by the colors of fall. Colors found in nature, food, clothes well you get the picture.

Of course as I to start off this series I MUST start with my favorite color.....ORANGE, that deep burnt orange found in the changing leaves on your drive to upstate NY, Mums, my dining room.

Enjoy this board as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I really do have an addiction to the color.

Resources & Credits

Cake - Topizios Cake Artistry
Flowers (left) - G. White

Be Inspired by Orange, I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

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