Monday, August 31, 2009

Dessert Wedding Favors

I always like practical wedding favors, and edible ones are twice as great. Have you considered sending your guests off with a couple delectable desserts? Stop by your favorite bakery and choose a variety of dessert that are favorites for you and your fiance. Remember you should take advantage of every opportunity to incorporate your personalities into your wedding.

Consider setting up a dessert table at your wedding, possibly one that could be rolled in towards the end of the evening so that guests don't start eating the favors early. Have the MC or DJ announce that the guests can help themselves to the dessert tables.

Have the table filled with all types of delectable bite sized desserts. You should include boxes or bags filled with tissue paper and ready for packing. Take this opportunity to use personalized labels and tags in your wedding colors on the boxes or bags. Use coordinating ribbon, my favorite ribbons for favors are satin, cross grained and organza.

To save money consider choosing one type of dessert such as Cookies or brownies. You can get cookies in all shapes and sizes. Brownies are not just made of chocolate anymore, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors.

mini gable boxes by Beau Coup

personalized wedding favor gift tags

Personalized Kraft Gift Bags

Be Inspired by delectable desserts!!!!!!!!

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