Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Choosing your wedding colors

Choosing your wedding colors is a decision that will affect many other to come. A lot of the vendors that you will meet will ask you about your color selections. I actually believe that florist ask about your color before they ask you about your favorite flower. The bakery where you will get your cake from will ask about the colors that you have chosen for your wedding. Your color selection will allow your wedding professional to offer you the best direction.

Help us help you!!!!

For some choosing the color for their wedding is an easy decision, they always loved pink, we are both football fans and our favorite team’s colors are blue and white. Whatever inspirited your color choice, this will be an easy task crossed off from your “wedding to-do list” . For some it will be a little harder, since your wedding will reflect your personal style, making your color selection work is very important.

If I have no clue what color I want for my wedding where do I start? Well what inspires you? When you see a room decorated in a picture, are you drawn to lighter (cool) colors or intense (warmer) colors? Do you like a neutral background? What makes you say wow? Inspiration can come from fashion, interior design, nature. Do you love the beach? Maybe a light (cool) blue and tan might work for you, reminding you of the ocean and sand. Maybe you like fall, like me, and so greens and browns and oranges make you feel happy. These are great starting points.

Here are some great locations to find the right color combinations for you:

Color Schemer

You'll need to create a free account, but this wonderful site has to create color palettes and search for other palettes already created. Time to remember your favorite season, enter in the search box for inspiration, i.g , Fall (can you tell fall is my favorite season. How about a catchy adjectives like peaceful or modern.

Sherwin-Williams Color Generator

After finding a color it selects accent colors to go with it.

I found a great blog that has shown me some color combinations I would have never thought of, that are simply phenomenal. Check out The Perfect Palette

I actually love it allows you to bring different elements together and you could create color boards that inspire you and others.

Be Inspired by everything around you when choosing your wedding colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great post and great tips! I had no clue what colors I wanted in my wedding. I did pick green b/c its my favorite color but didn't know what other color to go with it. The florist asked me what my colors were and I said green, he laughed and said well you can't have green flowers! I ended up w/ a beautiful green and purple!



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