Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Bare Essentials: Wedding undergarments

You have labored over the details of your wedding. You have purchased your dream dress. You spent hundreds even thousands on your gown, a pantie line under that gorgeous mermaid style gown would be a travesty. We want your wedding to be the talk of the town for your fine attention to detail and unique touches, not the fact that you wore the wrong underwear.

Selecting the right undergarments for your gown is as important as the gown itself. knows the importance of your undergarments. They have gone as far as identifying specific product selections based on the fabrics of the dress you will be wearing.

With the popularity of strapless gowns the Slim Cognito Seamless Mid-Thigh Bodysuit would be a great match.

This Hide & Sleek Strapless Lace Trim Cami from the Hide and Sleek collection would also be great for a strapless gown.

You will know best which trouble spots you want to hide or accentuate, check out to view all of their collections.

Check out the for great and very sexy wedding undergarments.

There are many resources to ensure your best look on your wedding day. Make sure that finding the bare essentials will be on your wedding "to-do" list.
Other resources to help you take care of the bare necessities:

Be Inspired by what is hidden!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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