Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Guest Books

Wedding guests books are a way to have a keepsake of those that were in attendance on your special day. Unique details add a special touch to your wedding, why not make your guests book be one of those details your guests will remember.

And the winner for most creative wedding guest book goes to.......(Drumroll please)

Etsy Shop Memories for life

Creativity is streaming out of this flip flop wedding guest book, made from REAL flip flops. I had to take a couple of looks before I realized that it was a guest book. I am trying to imagine Edi, owner of Memories for Life, sitting one day looking down at her flip flops and saying "hmmmm a wedding guests book". Creative is all that comes to mind and for that this Etsy shop has earned the Inspired! award for Creativity.

Next up Wedding Mountain with their Seaside Jewels guest book

The image on this guest book brought me back to a wedding I attended in the Bahamas, you really feel you are standing on the beach witnessing a wedding with the still water of the Atlantic ocean in the background. So for setting the mood.. we award Wedding Mountain the Inspired! award for mood setting.

Receiving the Inspired! Award for most romantic is Wedding Mountain Pink Sequin Guest book

The lace, the pink reminds me of a beautiful wedding dress made of the best lace adorned with a beautiful satin bow at the waist. This is romance at its finest.

Practical is always on the back of my mind. Why should your guest book be a book at all. Check out this creative option that will be a great and practical addition to your home decor. For its very practical aspect , Shop for Weddings, recieves the Inpired! Award for practicality

A unique shape brings us to our next Award recepient, Alfa Wedding, with its guest 6
Elegant Satin Arched Wedding Guest Book


  1. So many great guestbooks! Thanks for featuring my flip flops :)

  2. Love the satin scrapbooks, esp the one with the pink ribbon. Wish I were getting married again, I would definitely fill my memories into one of your books!

  3. Such beautiful and creative albums! The flip flops take the cake, however!



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