Tuesday, December 9, 2008

During this tough economic period we are making cutbacks in different areas.... Weddings are no exception. I always believe that something can be done for less. You can search bridal websites and magazines for inspiration and find out how to do it for less. You may not have a platimum wedding, but white gold is just as beautiful.

Looking for a wedding cake, how about cupcakes instead, you can buy a great cupcake stand, decorating supplies are also available on the Wiltons website. You can choose to bake the cupcakes yourself, I would only recommend this for a smaller wedding, or you could use storebought cupcakes. Wholesale warehouses offer beautifully decorated cupcakes in batches of twelve or more. If you were planning for 150 guests you will need a bakers dozen, at an average of $1.00 per cupcake, you will spend $156.00 dollars on your wedding cake. The cost of a wedding cake could range from $2-5 dollars per person depending on where you are getting your cake from, going from potentially $500 dollars to $156.00 is definately budget friendly. Don't worry about this idea looking to informal, the formality will be determined by the way your cupcakes are decorated.

Candles are always a great idea for your centerpieces, you can place several votives on a table a place glass beads around them. You can find votive candles in bulk at craft centers. Fruit makes great centerpieces , they can be displayed in various containers. A cylinder vase filled with or without water with pear or apples inside. A tall bowl of lemons, limes or a combination of the two can be very nice for an outdoor or summer wedding. A combination of candles and fruit can work well also.

Signature Events by Crystan Michelle

Christmas wedding...how about christmas ornaments. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Placed in an interesting container they sparkle and make a stunning centerpiece.

Wedding attire does not have to break the bank, you can look for trunk shows to save on designer wedding gowns. Davids Bridal has a large selection of bridal gowns in the latest trends that could meet a small budget. Check the sample sales of wedding gown sites and boutiques, as well as for markdowns and discontinued dresses.

I thought that I would share this great site that I found it offers great tips for a budget wedding. They even have a section on getting money for your wedding.


Don't let a small budget hinder you from having a fabulous wedding. Look for images that inspire you and scale them down for a budget friendly wedding.

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