Friday, December 12, 2008

A Master's Tools

Every Master has their own tools. A chef, has his special set of knives and even a pot that is seasoned just right. An artist has his set of brushes. A carpenter has his special tools that he uses to create wonders from a piece of wood. There is one thing that connects all of the masters, their quest to be the best. Their need to be in a perpetual state of learning.

Wedding and Event planners are no exception. We also have tools, whether it is our handy emergency pack, our blackberry. our preferred vendors lists. When we walk into a restaurant or a department store our eyes go immediately to the decor or the new uses of color. We file a photo image in our brain and hope that we get a chance to use this information at our next event.

I recently discovered a tool in the form of a blog, that I will keep close to my heart. From the time that I started reading The Smart Planner, I was in love. I appreciate that Liene Stevens who edits the blog and is the founder of Blue Orchid Designs, a wedding planning firm with consultants in Arizona, New York, and Washington DC, took the time to create a forum, an information hub and a motivational tool for planners. You hear passion in each post and she strives to promote and uplift planners. So Kudos to Liene Stevens for given encouragement and tools that we need as planners to continue to do what we love, and strive to be Masters.

Be inspired to master what you love.


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