Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Holiday inspiration

I live in a suburb of New York and this week my husband planned a trip for the family to the city. It was impromptu and wonderful. It has been a long time since I have gone to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree opting to watch the lighting on TV. However this wonderful trip reminded me that I love Christmas in New York. As we walked from the train station on an unusually warm December night, we passed the various vendors selling Christmas items, roasted chestnuts, and santa hats.
We passed by all of the wonderful decorations on the usually plain office buildings. The Radio City Music Hall display reminded us of our past trip to see the Rockettes. As we turned the corner we saw the the 72' tall Christmas tree with its 5 miles of Christmas lights and it was breathtaking. The were many there taking pictures, skating and just enjoying the NYC Christmas aura. As I watched my kids excitement and looked around at the beautifully decorated trees that surrounded the ice rink, I had an inspiring moment. I rememered another winter scene that I absolutely love, the look of ice covered branches, the Rockefeller Center staff responsible for decorating recreated this look with lights.

Instantly my mind started to envision a winter wonderland wedding. I continued to look around and I grew more and more inspired.

I pictured a wonderful winter wonderland wedding using colors in ice blue, silver and white. I saw the room decorated with white branches with clear white lights. The centerpieces were tall glass vases with feathers in white with silver or ice blue branches and dangling from the branches elongated glass beads.
Learn how to make your own ice covered branches here.

Maybe an Apothecary jar filled with silver and blue Christmas ornaments. These jars come in many shapes and sizes and make wonderful centerpieces.

The guests should feel a part of this wonderful winter wedding leave them with this favor

As I took in the snowflake display on the Saks fifth Avenue building, I saw a beautiful backdrop for the bridal party of sheer shimmery fabric with snowflakes of various sizes hanging in silhouette.


I was truly inspired and happy that I took the time to look around and feed my spirit with the miracle of the season and feed my mind with a wonderful idea for beautiful event.

Happy Holidays!!! I hope that this holiday season you are inspired by your Faith, your traditions, your families and all that is around you.

Be Inspired!!!!!

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