Monday, November 9, 2009

Bridal Showers: A- Z

A Bridal shower is a pre-wedding party where the bride-to-be is "showered" with love, good wishes, and gifts. Traditionally, is a party with the closest female relatives and friends, but today including the groom and his friends is very popular.

Traditionally, the maid of honor would be responsible for planning and hosting the shower. Today, the whole bridal party and even the bride’s mom are involved in the planning process. With hectic schedules everyone and anyone with the time and energy should be enlisted.

Select a date

Showers can take place from six months to a week before the wedding. It is up to you whether you want to make it a surprise or not, some brides-to-be may actually request that it not be a surprise. Keep in mind where most of the guests live and where the shower is being held; out of town guests should be given enough time to make their travel plans. If most people are local, you'll have more options. After setting the date it is important to make a planning schedule include time to meet up and brainstorm. Selecting special themes often make planning easier -- and more fun; it will be your starting point for many of the ideas to come.


After or in conjunction with the party plan you should set a budget, determine who is paying for the overall event or how you can divide the cost amongst the co-hosts. Make sure if you divide the costs make sure to get money before booking or ordering so that you are not left “holding the bag” or the bill in this case.

The Planning

Don’t get so excited planning the shower that you forget to think about the bride’s likes and dislikes. Is she a traditional or contemporary girl? Would your location choice be something she would like? Does she have any special interest, favorite colors or places she likes to travel to?


Everyone invited to the shower should also be invited to the wedding. If you are going with a “just girls” invitation list, make sure the bride's and groom's close female relatives are invited, as well as all the women in the wedding party and the bride's close girlfriends. If it's a couple shower, make it a coed guest list.
Suggest that the bride and groom register for gifts prior to the shower. Include registry information in shower invitations; include any special instructions in keeping with any theme you might have selected.


Consider having the shower catered if it will be done in someone’s home. The philosophy of value over economy will play a big part in the success of your shower. It might be cheaper to have everyone involved in the planning chip in and cook a dish; however if for any reason one person is unable to fulfill their responsibility and does not let you know ahead of time, it will leave a major deficit in your showers. You can also consider asking a special person in the brides life to contribute one of their most popular dishes, for instance if the bride-to-be’s grandmother makes an excellent apple pie or dessert consider asking them to make it for the special occasion, they will be honored.

The favors

There are many fun items you can get as favors for the bridal shower. You can get them based on the theme (fall theme, beach theme) or a general favor like a cookie favor, edible favors are always a hit. Cookies can be decorated in bridal colors and presented in cellophane paper with coordinating ribbons, such as the ones below by Two Sisters Bakery


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