Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding Time Capsule: A moment in Time

A new wedding trend is a creating a wedding time capsule. Keep memorabilia from your wedding day, honeymoon and first year together. You can then seal the time capsule until a special anniversary many blissful years in the future. Wedding Kits are available from various websites. There is so much of your special day that you will want to capture, the difficult part will be choosing what makes it in.

You may place various mementos photos, videos, menu cards, wedding programs. Include a major world event, news story or sporting memory. You may even include predictions about your future, as well as predictions for the future:

How many children you’ll have?
what kind of household robots you’ll have?
how many career changes you’ve gone through?
what animal is the trendiest pet?

Have you ever watched a movie where the school decided to make a time capsule for future students of the school. They place all kind of items in and then….they bury it. Well you may not want to bury your wedding time capsule. Chances are that your newlywed home will not be your home in 5 years , two kids and a dog later. So keep in a closet where the temperature will not fluctuate and you will be sure to pack when moving.

The kits that are available will most likely be a festive tin that will seal with stickers and labels indicating when you should open it. Maybe it will be on your 10th anniversary or maybe your 25th anniversary. Stick to your commitment to wait until the time you set, you will be glad you did!!!

Adding personal touches to your wedding is something that you strive to do, you can carry this over to your wedding time capsule creation. Create your own! Pick out your own container reflective of you and your fiancĂ©. Get close friends and relatives to make predictions….this should be interesting and fun.


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