Friday, November 6, 2009

Renting Bridal Jewelry

Looking like a Platinum bride on your wedding day is possible even during a recession. Thanks to Adorn Brides leasing wedding jewelry is easy. Adorn Brides is a trailblazer in this new exciting concept, you will not find any other jewelry giant bringing this to you. You can now wear the finest elegant bridal jewelry on your wedding day.

Here is the process as listed on the Adorn Brides Website:

Rent Bridal Jewelry in four easy steps

1. Go shopping and pick out the pieces you love and add them to your “shopping bag”. Check their availability by entering your event date.
2. Check out using a credit card to order the jewelry for your event date.
3. Look amazing wearing the jewelry on your wedding day

Adorn will call you a few days before your event to confirm shipping information and review the details.
Your jewelry will arrive 2 business days prior to your event.
Best of all, the jewelry is insured while in your possession and the insurance is included in the rental price! (If the jewelry is not returned, Adorn will charge a 33% deductible.)
Please note that an amount equal to approximately 5% of the retail value of the jewelry will be reserved on your credit card while you have the jewelry as a temporary security deposit.

4. Send it back on the first business day after your event using packaging and pre-paid label Adorn provides for you.

Simply drop it off at the closest UPS store.
Once we receive the jewelry we will remove the security deposit.

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